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1. Introduction
2. Location and Accessibility
3. Awe Inspiring Scenery
4. Natural Beauty
5. Things To Do at Sarina Beach Queensland
6. Where To Eat in Sarina Beach?
7. Sarina Beach Accommodation
8. Final Thought
9. FAQs

After reading this review, I hope you’ll be motivated to visit this beautiful coastal town in the Mackay Region.

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Are you dreaming of a serene escape to a beautiful coastal destination with pristine family-friendly beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a laid-back atmosphere? Then look no further than Sarina Beach Queensland, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Mackay Region.

This idyllic destination offers an enchanting blend of natural wonders, charming local culture, and a plethora of activities to make your trip a memorable one. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or simply seeking relaxation, Sarina Beach has something to offer for everyone.

If you are interested in visiting this fantastic Queensland beach destination, this guide aims to be your ultimate source of information. So, join me as I showcase why you should visit and what to expect at Sarina Beach Queensland.


Prepare to be enchanted by the awe-inspiring scenery that awaits you at Sarina Beach Queensland.


Location and Accessibility

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Queensland, Sarina Beach is a tropical haven that offers easy accessibility for travellers seeking a slice of paradise. Located approximately 36 kilometres south of the bustling city of Mackay, getting to Sarina Beach is a breeze. Whether you’re arriving by car or flying into the region, the journey to this coastal gem is a delightful one.

If you choose to drive, well-maintained roads lead directly to the beach, making it a convenient option for road-trippers. For those arriving by air, Mackay Airport serves as the nearest major airport, and from there, a scenic drive takes you to the tranquil shores of Sarina Beach Queensland.

The well-connected transport options ensure that this hidden gem remains easily reachable, welcoming visitors from far and wide to savour its natural splendour and tropical charm.


Distance from Sarina Beach to Other Queensland Coast beaches and destinations

  • Brisbane 952km
  • Rainbow Beach 784km
  • Mooloolaba 863km
  • Surfer's Paradise 1020km
  • Cairns 765km
  • Mackay 37km
  • Townsville 418km
  • Bargara 608km
  • Cape Tribulation 1427km
  • Mission Beach 903km
  • Noosa 820km
  • Hervey Bay 225km

    Awe Inspiring Scenery

    Prepare to be enchanted by the awe-inspiring scenery that awaits you at Sarina Beach Queensland, a tropical paradise that seems like a page straight out of a postcard.

    As you step onto the soft, powdery sands that stretch endlessly along the shore, you’ll be greeted by the gentle caress of the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea. The sight of palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze and the melodious symphony of waves crashing onto the beach create a serene ambience that sets you up for the perfect beach day.

    Furthermore, if you’re capturing the breathtaking sunrise over the horizon or witnessing the golden hues of the sunset casting a magical glow, the natural beauty of Sarina Beach is unparalleled.

    With every step you take, you’ll be captivated by the pristine coastal landscapes, making it a photographer’s paradise and a haven for those seeking tranquillity amidst the beauty of Mother Nature.


    Palm Trees at Sarina Beach Queensland, Australia


    Natural Beauty

    Sarina Beach Queensland boasts an exquisite natural beauty that leaves visitors spellbound at first sight.

    With its picture-perfect coastline and crystal-clear waters, this tropical paradise is a haven for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike. The powdery white sands invite you to sink your toes into its soft embrace while the inviting waters of the Coral Sea beckon you to take a refreshing dip. At the same time, the surrounding landscape, adorned with swaying palm trees and lush greenery, adds to the idyllic charm of the beach.

    As you stroll along the shoreline, you’ll encounter an abundance of seashells and fascinating marine life, making beachcombing an exciting activity for all ages. The unspoiled and serene atmosphere of Sarina Beach creates a sense of serenity and wonder, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and revel in the simple joys of life by the sea.


    A must-visit attraction near Sarina Beach Queensland is the fascinating Sarina Sugar Shed.


    Things To Do at Sarina Beach Queensland

    Sarina Beach Queensland, offers a fantastic selection of activities, sites and attractions to keep visitors entertained and engaged.

    Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or interested in exploring local culture, Sarina has something to offer for everyone who visits the charming time.

    Here are my recommendations of some fantastic things to do at Sarina Beach in Qld for those wanting outdoor recreation and coastal relaxation:


    Sarina Beach Attractions at a glance

  • Sarina Sugar Shed
  • Platypus Beach
  • Crabbing and Fishing Spots
  • Visit Mackay
  • Explore the Sarina Range
  • Art and Craft Markets
  • Sarina Field of Dreams Parkland
  • Keswick Island Day Trip
  • Launch a vessel off a boat ramp and tour around the Sarina Inlet
  • Southern Great Barrier Reef Tours
  • Coastal walks
  • Laguna Quays Golf Club
  • Cape Palmerston National Park

    Sarina Sugar Shed

    A must-visit attraction near Sarina Beach Queensland is the fascinating Sarina Sugar Shed.

    This unique destination offers an immersive experience of the sugarcane heritage of the state. Take a guided tour through the sugar-making process, witnessing the transformation of cane into syrup, and gain insight into the history of this vital industry. The interactive tour allows visitors of all ages to learn about the local culture and economic significance of sugarcane in the region.

    As a delightful bonus, indulge in a variety of sugarcane products, including mouthwatering chocolates, flavourful liqueurs, and delectable sauces. Overall, the Sarina Sugar Shed is a sweet addition to the list of activities at Sarina Beach, offering an educational and delicious adventure for everyone.


    Aerial view of Sarina Beach near Mackay in Queensland, Australia


    Platypus Beach

    Nestled along the banks of the Pioneer River, Platypus Beach is a hidden gem near Sarina Beach Queensland that offers a unique and enchanting wildlife experience.

    This tranquil spot is renowned for its opportunities to spot the elusive platypus in its natural habitat. Nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers can spend hours observing these fascinating creatures in their playful and secretive behaviours.

    A visit to Platypus Beach is an extraordinary chance to connect with the wonders of Australian wildlife and witness the magical moments as these curious creatures glide through the river waters. It’s a must-visit destination for those seeking a touch of wilderness and a chance to encounter one of Australia’s most intriguing animals.


    Indulge in the vibrant local culture and artistic flair at the art and craft markets near Sarina Beach Queensland.


    Fishing and Crabbing

    Fishing and crabbing are popular and cherished activities at Sarina Beach Queensland, inviting both seasoned anglers and casual enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the coastal waters.

    With its pristine shores and abundant marine life, the beach provides an ideal setting for casting a line and trying your luck at catching a variety of fish, such as bream, whiting, and barramundi. Additionally, crabbing is a favourite pastime here, as the nearby estuaries and mangrove areas are home to mud crabs, a prized delicacy in the region.

    If you’re fishing from the shore, setting up a line on a jetty, or exploring the tidal flats for crabbing opportunities, the thrill of the catch and the serene beauty of Sarina Beach Queensland create an unforgettable and rewarding experience for all who venture into these waters.


    Sarina Beach Restaurants

  • Sarina Beach Store and Takeaway
  • Sarina Sugar Shed Cafe
  • Sarina RSL Club
  • Carlisle's In The Park
  • Tropical Phoenix Chinese Restaurant
  • Sarina Hotel Motel Bistro
  • Sarina Leagues Club
  • Sarina Bakery and Coffee Lounge
  • Hiking and Nature Walks

    Art and Craft Markets

    Indulge in the vibrant local culture and artistic flair at the art and craft markets near Sarina Beach Queensland.

    These delightful markets offer a treasure trove of handmade crafts, unique artworks and locally sourced produce that add a touch of authenticity to your tropical escape. Peruse through stalls filled with handmade jewellery, clothing, paintings and other creative masterpieces, each reflecting the talent and creativity of the local artisans.

    Besides the artistic finds, you can also savour a wide array of fresh produce, from tropical fruits to artisanal treats. For those searching for a one-of-a-kind souvenir or simply wanting to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere, the art and craft markets near Sarina Beach offer an enriching experience that celebrates the region’s creativity and community spirit.


    Sarina Field of Dreams Parkland

    Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Sarina, the Sarina Field of Dreams Parkland offers a haven of recreational activities for visitors of all ages.

    This family-friendly destination provides a wide range of things to do, making it a perfect outing for everyone. The parkland boasts expansive green spaces, playgrounds for the little ones, and a walking track for leisurely strolls or jogging. It’s an inviting place to have a relaxing picnic amidst nature’s tranquillity or use the barbecue facilities to cook snags or burgers to enjoy in a gathering with loved ones.

    With its lush surroundings and well-maintained facilities, Sarina Field of Dreams Parkland is a delightful spot to unwind, connect with family and friends, and create cherished memories during your tropical escape to Sarina Beach Queensland.


    If you love golf, you should take the opportunity to tee off at the picturesque Laguna Quays Golf Club in Sarina Beach Queensland.


    Keswick Island Day Trip

    If time permits, why not embark on a thrilling Keswick Island day trip during your stay at Sarina Beach Queensland, and venture into a pristine island paradise just a short boat ride away?

    Keswick Island offers a breathtaking escape, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea and fringed with stunning beaches. Snorkelling and exploring the vibrant underwater world are a must, as the island’s coral reefs teem with colourful marine life. Hiking enthusiasts will relish the opportunity to trek through lush rainforests and discover hidden viewpoints offering panoramic vistas.

    Whether you’re seeking a day of relaxation on the secluded beaches or an adventurous exploration of the island’s natural wonders, a Keswick Island day trip promises an unforgettable experience, making your Sarina Beach vacation even more remarkable.


    Sarina Beach Accommodation

  • Sarina Beach Motel
  • Tropical Lodge Motel
  • Sarina Motor Inn
  • Econo Lodge Beachside
  • Tramway Motel
  • Sarina Beach Caravan Park
  • Luxury Beachfront House
  • Local Bed and Breakfasts
  • Laguna Quays Golf Club

    If you love golf, you should take the opportunity to tee off at the picturesque Laguna Quays Golf Club in Sarina Beach Queensland.

    An idyllic destination for a memorable golfing experience, this 18-hole golf course offers not only challenging play but also stunning views of the surrounding landscape, combining the best of golf and natural beauty. As you make your way through the course, lush fairways and rolling greens are complemented by the tranquil waters of the Coral Sea in the backdrop.

    Novices and seasoned players alike will appreciate the well-maintained facilities and friendly atmosphere that the club offers. If you’re an avid golfer or simply looking to enjoy a few rounds amidst the tropical splendour of Queensland, a visit to the Laguna Quays Golf Club is a perfect addition to your Sarina Beach itinerary.


    Sarina Beach in the Mackay Region or Queensland, Australia


    Hiking and Nature Walks

    Embrace the natural wonders surrounding Sarina Beach Queensland by embarking on invigorating hiking and nature walks that promise to immerse you in the region’s breathtaking landscapes.

    From the beachfront, set off on scenic trails that wind through lush rainforests, offering a glimpse of Queensland’s diverse flora and fauna. Hike to the captivating Araluen Cascades in nearby Eungella National Park, where cascading waterfalls and cool freshwater pools await.

    For panoramic views, don’t miss the Sky Window lookout, providing a breathtaking vantage point over the picturesque landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker seeking a challenging trek or a nature lover seeking tranquil serenity, Sarina Beach Queensland offers a wealth of hiking and nature walk opportunities that showcase the region’s unspoiled beauty and provide an unforgettable tropical adventure.


    Sarina Beach Queensland offers a range of accommodation options to suit various preferences and budgets.


    Where To Eat in Sarina Beach?

    Sarina Beach Queensland, offers a variety of dining options that cater to the different tastes and preferences of all visitors. From local favourites to exotic international cuisines, here are my recommendations for some of the best places to eat in Sarina:

    Sarina Beach Store and Takeaway: Located right by the beach, this eatery offers a selection of classic Australian takeaway dishes, including fish and chips, burgers and seafood. Enjoy your meal with the stunning beach view as a backdrop.

    Sarina Sugar Shed Cafe: After exploring the Sarina Sugar Shed, head to the on-site cafe for a delightful experience. Indulge in sweet treats made with their signature sugarcane products, like sugarcane ice cream or sugarcane juice.

    Sarina RSL Club: If you’re looking for a family-friendly dining experience, the Sarina RSL Club is a good choice. They have a restaurant and bistro with a diverse menu, including modern Australian cuisine and daily specials. It usually gets busy here, so if you intend to enjoy a meal at this venue it would be worth making a reservation in advance.

    Carlisle’s In The Park: This lively restaurant offers a mix of Australian and international dishes. Popular choices among diners include hearty steaks, seafood platters and delicious pasta dishes. To accompany your meal, they offer a terrific range of wines sourced from around the world and inventive cocktails.

    Tropical Phoenix Chinese Restaurant: If you’re craving Chinese cuisine, head to this fabulous restaurant in nearby Mackay. Their flavoursome sweet and sour pork, delicious Peking duck and delectable prawn stir-fry are signature house dishes.

    Sarina Hotel Motel Bistro: A popular spot for locals, this bistro serves classic pub-style meals, including chicken parma, juicy burgers, curries and healthy salads. The ambience here is relaxed and friendly and the service is fast. Reservations are recommended.

    Sarina Leagues Club: Another excellent club option in Sarina Beach Queensland is the Sarina Leagues Club. The restaurant offers a diverse range of dishes including Thai curries, fish and steaks that are served in huge portion sizes. They also host themed dining events on a regular basis and put on live entertainment as well.

    Sarina Bakery and Coffee Lounge: This venue is a fabulous place to stop for a quick bite or a sweet treat. Offering a selection of freshly baked pastries, sandwiches and delectable cakes, they are known for their pies and sausage rolls, which are perfect for when you fancy a morning or lunchtime walk on the beach.


    30 Other Beaches in the Mackay Region

  • 1. Armstrong Beach
  • 2. Ball Bay
  • 3. Blacks Beach
  • 4. Bucasia Beach
  • 5. Camila Beach
  • 6. Campwin Beach
  • 7. Cape Hillsborough Beach
  • 8. Clairview Beach
  • 9. Dawson Beach
  • 10. Eimeo Beach
  • 11. Far Beach
  • 12. Figtree Beach
  • 13. Four Mile Beach
  • 14. Grasstree Beach
  • 15. Halliday Bay
  • 16. Harbour Beach
  • 17. Haypoint Beach
  • 18. Illawong Beach
  • 19. Lamberts Beach
  • 20. McEwens Beach
  • 21. Midge Point Beach
  • 22. Platypus Beach
  • 23. Salonika Beach
  • 24. Seaforth Beach
  • 25. Shoal Point Beach
  • 26. Slade Point Beach
  • 27. Smalley's Beach
  • 28. St. Helens
  • 29. Three Mile Beach
  • 30. Town Beach
  • Sarina Beach Accommodation

    Sarina Beach Queensland offers a range of accommodation options to suit various preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer a beachfront resort accommodation, a cosy motel, or a budget-friendly stay, here are some places to consider staying in Sarina:

    Sarina Beach Motel: For a comfortable and convenient stay close to the beach, Sarina Beach Queensland Motel is an excellent choice. This quaint motel offers well-appointed rooms, friendly service and easy access to the golden sands of Sarina Beach.

    Sarina Beach Motel: Located in the heart of Sarina, this property provides clean and affordable accommodation with a range of room types to choose from. The motel also features a swimming pool and BBQ facilities for guests to enjoy.

    Sarina Motor Inn: Offering spacious rooms and a relaxed ambience, Sarina Motor Inn is a popular choice for tourists. It provides amenities like a pool, free Wi-Fi and an on-site restaurant which is very convenient. Rooms are also stylishly furnished and have very comfortable beds.

    The Shack: Situated a short distance from Sarina Beach Queensland, The Shack offers comfortable rooms and a peaceful ambience. It is an affordable option for many people, guests can enjoy an al fresco dining area and BBQ area during their stay here.

    Tramway Motel: Located near the Sarina Railway Station, Tramway Motel provides comfortable accommodations with modern amenities. It’s an ideal option for those seeking easy access to the Bruce Highway which is not too far away.

    Sarina Palms Caravan and Cabins Village: If you’re travelling with a caravan or camping gear, this caravan park is a great choice. It offers powered and unpowered sites, as well as amenities like a camp kitchen and laundry facilities.

    Dream on Ulysses For a more luxurious stay, consider renting a beachfront holiday house in Sarina. This one is on Armstrong Beach and provides stunning ocean views and easy beach access.

    Golden Lace B&B: Sarina has a few charming bed and breakfasts that offer personalised hospitality and a unique local experience. The Golden Lace is regarded as one of the best of them.

    When planning your stay in Sarina, consider the location that best suits your interests and the type of experience you desire. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed beachside stay, a budget-friendly option, or a touch of luxury, Sarina has accommodation choices to cater to your needs.


    Final Thought

    Visiting Sarina Beach Queensland is a journey to a tropical paradise that promises a memorable and enchanting experience for every traveller.

    This hidden gem on the picturesque coastline of Australia offers a breathtaking natural beauty that captivates the heart and soothes the soul. From the soft, powdery sands to the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea, Sarina Beach beckons visitors to immerse themselves in its serene ambience and revel in the wonders of Mother Nature.

    Beyond its stunning scenery, Sarina Beach provides a wealth of activities to suit all interests. Whether it’s snorkelling amidst vibrant marine life, exploring the sugarcane heritage at the Sarina Sugar Shed, or simply unwinding on the shore, the beach offers an array of opportunities for relaxation and adventure.

    With warm and inviting locals, a laid-back atmosphere and a range of accommodation options to choose from, Sarina Beach ensures a comfortable and enjoyable stay for every traveller. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a solo adventure, Sarina Beach is a place where time slows down, worries fade away and cherished memories are created.

    So, if you’re dreaming of a tropical escape that combines natural beauty, leisurely moments and a touch of Queensland’s coastal charm, consider Sarina Beach as your next destination. This idyllic coastal haven promises to leave you rejuvenated, inspired and forever captivated by its sheer beauty and tranquillity. Come and discover the magic of Sarina Beach, where paradise awaits to welcome you with open arms.



    Where is Sarina Beach?

    Sarina Beach is located in Queensland, Australia. It resides about 36 km south of Mackay - a major regional city in the area.

    The beach is part of the coastal region along the Coral Sea and is easily accessible by car or other means of transportation.

    Sarina Beach Queensland is a popular destination for tourists in its own right, offering a serene and picturesque coastal setting with stunning natural beauty and a range of activities to enjoy. It is also a convenient stop-off destination en route to Brisbane or Cairns, lying roughly halfway between both.


    What Things Are There at Sarina Beach Queensland?

    At Sarina Beach Queensland, you can enjoy activities such as beach relaxation, swimming, snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, fishing, crabbing, picnicking, wildlife watching, witnessing stunning sunrises and sunsets, nature walks and visiting the Sarina Sugar Shed for a taste of the region's sugarcane heritage.


    Can You Swim at Sarina Beach Queensland?

    Yes, you can swim at Sarina Beach Queensland. The beach offers clear waters and a sandy shoreline, making it a great spot for swimming. However, as with any beach, it's essential to exercise caution and be aware of any local safety guidelines, such as watching out for strong currents or jellyfish during certain seasons. Always check for any warning signs and follow the advice of lifeguards if they are present. Swimming conditions can vary, so it's advisable to assess the water conditions before entering and to swim within your comfort and ability levels. With proper care and attention, Sarina Beach provides a delightful and refreshing swimming experience for visitors.

    How Far is it from Brisbane to Sarina Beach Queensland

    The distance from Brisbane to Sarina Beach is approximately 835 kilometres (518 miles) when travelling by road. The journey typically takes around 9 to 10 hours, depending on the chosen route and prevailing traffic conditions.

    To drive there, the most common route involves taking the Bruce Highway (A1) northward from Brisbane, passing through various towns and cities before reaching Sarina Beach, which is located in the coastal region of Queensland. It is advisable to plan for rest stops along the way and consider factors like fuel and meal breaks to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

    Additionally, travellers have the option of flying from Brisbane to Mackay, which is the nearest major city to Sarina Beach Queensland, and then taking a scenic drive to reach the beach.


    How Far Is it From Sarina Beach To Cairns?

    The distance from Sarina Beach to Cairns is approximately 430 kilometres (267 miles) when travelling by road. The journey typically takes around 5 to 6 hours, depending on the chosen route and prevailing traffic conditions.

    To travel from Sarina Beach Queensland to Cairns, you would take the Bruce Highway (A1) northward, passing through various towns and scenic landscapes before reaching Cairns.

    Alternatively, if you prefer a quicker option, you can take a domestic flight from Mackay Airport, which is the nearest major airport to Sarina Beach, to Cairns Airport. The flight duration is about 1 hour, making it a convenient and time-saving choice for those who prefer air travel.


    How Far Is It From Sarina Beach To Mackay?

    The distance from Sarina Beach to Mackay is approximately 34 kilometres when travelling by road. The journey typically takes around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken.

    To travel from Sarina Beach to Mackay, you would take the Bruce Highway (A1) northward. It is a relatively short and straightforward drive, making it convenient for day trips or quick visits to Mackay.


    Is the Sarina Beach Caravan Park Open?

    The Sarina Beach Queensland Caravan Park is a coastal retreat offering a range of accommodation options for travellers seeking a beachside escape.

    Located near the stunning Sarina Beach in Queensland, Australia, the park provides powered and unpowered sites for caravans and camping enthusiasts.

    Additionally, they offer comfortable self-contained cabins with modern amenities, perfect for those looking for a hassle-free stay. With its picturesque location, the Sarina Beach Caravan Park is an ideal destination for relaxation, beach activities and a memorable coastal experience.


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