SpencerHello! My name is Spencer and I am the owner and creator of Beach Scenes. I am also a thalassophile too as I love the beach and ocean!

Originally from London, I moved out to Queensland in Australia in 2005, partly for a sea change and the great weather. I’ve always loved the beach and am my happiest when I am at it. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that the Sunshine State accommodates over 1,700 beaches!

To put that into context, if you visited a different beach every day in Queensland, it would take you over 27 years to see them all. I am probably too old to do that now, but if I was in my 20s, that would be my mission for sure.

Due to my love of the Queensland Beach’s, I often found myself waxing lyrical about them to friends, family and basically anyone who would listen. So much so that the thought occurred to me one day to do it in the form of a blog – and thus Beach Scenes was born!

The goal of Beach Scenes is simple. I want the world to know how wonderful the beaches in Queensland are to visit on a day trip, weekend getaway or longer family holiday.

Within this blog, you’ll find a wealth of resources about all the best beaches in the state. Depending on the specific beach, the kind of information I’ll provide is where it is located and how to get there, what facilities and amenities are available at them, when the best time to go is and any other pertinent things you should know. I’ll also mention some good places to stay nearby as well as places to get food. Hopefully those posts will persuade you to pay those places a visit.

This site features other articles too, so please check it out at your leisure and discover all the charms of Queensland’s Coastal areas. I hope you find what you read beneficial and interesting.