Wonga Beach: Best Visitors Guide 2024 (UPDATED)

Remote beach near Daintree Village in Tropical North Queensland


Wonga Beach Visitor Guide Tropical North Queensland


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4. What Facilities do they have at Wonga Beach?
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6. Things to do at Wonga Beach
7. Wonga Beach Accommodation
8. Where to Eat at Wonga Beach
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Nestled along the sparkling waters of the Coral Sea in Tropical North Queensland, Wonga Beach is the perfect destination to visit for those who want to venture off the beaten tourist track.

This largely deserted east-facing beach, set around a stunning backdrop of coconut palms and huge Calophyllum trees, stretches for around 10.5 km. It gently twists and turns for its entire length, which runs from the mouth of the Daintree River all the way up to Rocky Point, and is defined by its verdant landscape, pristine shores and tranquillity. So, no matter what time of the day you get here, you won’t likely see more than a handful of people.

Located 80km to the north of Cairns, this idyllic beach was formerly known as Bells Beach, in recognition of the Belly Family who owned most of this coastal community. Its name was later changed to ‘Wonga’ – the indigenous term for ‘far across the sea or water’, in reference to an original coconut plantation that was in the area.

Wonga has little in the way of accommodation or shops, so it might not be a place you stay too long. However, local tours will enable you to partake in activities like sea kayaking over to Snapper Island and horse riding along the golden sands of the beach, which sets it apart from other destinations.

For this reason, if you are looking for somewhere that offers a terrific blend of relaxation and adventure, this beautiful Tropical North Beach, about 94km north of Cairns, is the perfect place to visit.


As it is located in the tropics, Wonga Beach is a destination you can visit all year round.


Where is Wonga Beach?

Wonga Beach is located offshore and just to the north in the Douglas Shire of Tropical North Queensland. It is about a 17km drive south from Daintree Village, which you can reach via the Great Barrier Reef Drive – in a region that is renowned for its diverse ecosystems.

This picturesque coastal area is also about a 50 minute drive south of Cow Bay and a 35 minute drive north from Port Douglas along the Mossman Daintree Drive. The town of Mossman is 15-minutes away, while the tiny residential hub of Rocky Point (often known as Dayman Point) is adjacent to it.

Both the Eastern Kuku Yalanji and Yirrganydji peoples are the traditional owners and custodians of the sea and land that incorporate this area.


Distance to Other Beaches in TNQ

  • Trinity Beach (78km)
  • Cow Bay (26km)
  • Newell Beach (18km)
  • Kewarra Beach (75km)
  • Wangetti Beach (54km)
  • Bramston Beach (175km)
  • Four Mile Beach (35km)
  • Clifton Beach (72km)
  • Palm Cove (70km)
  • Etty Bay (192km)
  • Ellis Beach (66km)
  • Holloways Beach (88km)
  • Yorkeys Knob (84km)
  • Machans Beach (88km)
  • Best Time To Visit Wonga Beach

    As it is located in the tropics, Wonga Beach is a destination you can visit all year round. However, during the wet season, which runs from November to March, it does experience significant rainfall and high humidity. For this reason, you might want to go to it for the months of April to October. At this time the temperatures are still warm and the level of humidity will have dropped. The skies will also be clearer, which makes for better views of Snapper Island.

    While Wonga Beach is one of the best beaches near Cairns to visit, it is a known habitat for crocodiles. So, you should avoid spending time there when it is dark. That said, if you can get to this beautiful stretch of remote beach in time to see the sunrise, you are sure to witness something spectacular.


    Sunset at Wonga Beach Tropical North Queensland


    What Facilities do they have at Wonga Beach?

    Wonga is an accessible beach which has a small collection of facilities and amenities. These include formal parking areas, toilet blocks for men and women, BBQ facilities and drinking water.

    The first 4km at the beach’s southern end is backed by a camping and caravan park and several houses, all of which are situated on a 1km stretch of sand barrier that sits behind the beach. In front of the caravan park there is a boat ramp that you can launch from to go fishing. Much of the northern end of the beach is taken up by the Daintree Rainforest and is largely undeveloped.

    Within the Wonga Beach township, you will find a service station, small convenience store and a pharmacy.


    As the beach is remote and devoid of people for most of the day, Wonga Beach is a terrific place to unwind and relax.


    How to get to Wonga Beach

    The best way to get to Wonga Beach is to drive. If you are coming up from Cairns or Port Douglas you will need to take the Captain Cook Highway and follow the signs to the Mossman Daintree Road which will lead you straight to the beach.

    You can also get a bus from Cairns as the Trans North Bus and Coach service departs three times a week. This journey takes roughly an hour and 40 minutes, though it will showcase parts of the region you might otherwise not see. Visit their site to check out their timetable.

    In theory you can catch an Uber ride to Wonga, though as it is a little out of the way from Cairns you might struggle to find someone to pick you up again once you have been dropped at the beach.


    Distance to Other places in Queensland

  • Cairns (94km)
  • Cooktown (274km)
  • Port Douglas (39km)
  • Townsville (440km)
  • Mission Beach (232km)
  • Kuranda (97km)
  • Mackay (826km)
  • Airlie Beach (713km)
  • Brisbane (1801km)
  • Noosa (1669km)
  • Hervey Bay (1537km)
  • Longreach (1042km)
  • Mt Isa (1171km)
  • Surfers Paradise (1868km)
  • Things to do at Wonga Beach

    As the beach is remote and devoid of people for most of the day, Wonga Beach is a terrific place to unwind and relax. The best thing to do here is lay down a towel or erect a cabana and set yourself up for a chilled-out day of sunbathing while listening to your Spotify playlist or reading a good book.

    Unfortunately, swimming is not recommended due to the presence of stingers. However, if you must swim, you would be strongly advised to do as during high tide as that is when the water is much deeper over the bar. It is also strongly recommended that you avoid swimming in the mouth of the Daintree River due to its strong tidal currents and the fact crocodiles are known to frequent the area. You should never swim alone, especially when no one else is on the beach, and if in any doubt, don’t enter the water at all.

    A better thing to do is go for a stroll. The beach extends quite a long distance, which allows you to take in its breathtaking beauty. Make sure you wear a hat and put on plenty of sunscreen. Also, take lots of water with you to stay hydrated and bring your phone or camera. You will want to take tons of photos, especially at sunset when the area is bathed in the vivid colours of dusk.

    Wonga Beach is also a dog-friendly area, so you can even bring your four-legged friend with you. However, don’t let them run unattached near the mangrove areas as crocodiles are known to frequent them.

    For those wanting to undertake slightly more adventurous pursuits you should consider booking on one of several tours you can do. This includes stand-up paddleboarding or kayaking in the Coral Sea and horse riding on the sand. Alternatively, you can book a boat tour with Hook-A-Barra fishing adventures to catch Mangrove Jack, flathead or Barramundi at some of the best spots in and around the Daintree National Park.

    Wonga Beach is located not far from the Great Barrier Reef. Therefore, it is a good spot to visit this fantastic natural wonder and snorkel, scuba dive or just check it out on a glass-bottomed boat.

    Should you want to discover more about the indigenous culture and history of the area, booking an excursion through Kuku Yalanji Cultural Habitat Tours is a brilliant thing to do. On them, you can venture deeper into the surrounding Daintree Rainforest, discover the weird and wonderful world of bush medicine and tucker and witness traditional dance performances.


    Wonga Beach Tropical North Queensland


    Wonga Beach Accommodation

    Apart from two caravan parks and the odd room available on Airbnb, Wonga does not have much in the way of places to stay. That said, the two caravan park do make good places to stay for a night or two or even longer.

    The Wonga Beach Caravan Park occupies a beautiful stretch of beachfront close to the Daintree Rainforest, which offers tremendous views of the shimmering waters of the Coral Sea. It charges very reasonable prices and offers an amenity block, laundry and mobile reception.

    Not too far away from that campground, the Daintree Beach Resort (Formerly the Pinnacle Village Holiday Park) occupies absolute Wonga Beach frontage. It accommodates over 100 powered sites as well as separate areas for camping and tent. It can be accessed by sealed roads and counts a swimming pool, toilets, showers, kids room, kitchen and barbecues among its facilities. It is also situated only a 10-minute drive to the Daintree Ferry.

    For those who would prefer to stay in a hotel or resort there are several excellent options in Port Douglas including the Mantra PortSea and the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort.


    If you do want to buy hot food your best bet is the Hook-A-Barra Kitchen who do fabulous fish and chips.


    Where to Eat at Wonga Beach

    Food options are rather lacking at Wonga Beach, so you might be better off bringing your own picnic supplies with you, either as a packed lunch or to cook on the barbecues.

    If you do want to buy hot food your best bet is the Hook-A-Barra Kitchen who do fabulous fish and chips. Alternatively, you might be able to pick up staples like pies, sausage rolls and sandwiches from the Ampol Petrol station on Vixies Road.

    For more eating options, you can always head to Mossman, or in particular Port Douglas, where there are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving all manner of international cuisines.


    Final Thought

    While Wonga Beach might not have all the trappings of a popular coastal tourist town, what it does offer is solitude and outstanding natural beauty in abundance. For those who want to escape the pressures of the rat race, this place is about as far away from a computer or fax machine you can get.

    You can spend hours walking up and down its length, sunbathing on its golden sand and or kayaking in the surrounding waters. At the same time, the views of Snapper Island are one of the easiest forms of therapy you will ever receive.

    As long as you don’t go swimming in the Coral Sea or linger too long after dark, you could easily spend all day there in a magical state of bliss.



    Can you swim at Wonga Beach?

    While Wonga Beach is one of the longest and most beautiful stretches of golden beach in Tropical North Queensland, swimming is not recommended here. The area is home to plenty of crocodiles while box jellyfish are abundant in the shimmering turquoise water. Additionally, as the beach is not lifeguarded you would be ill-advised to enter the water with noone else to look out for you.


    Do people live at Wonga Beach?

    Yes. Wonga Beach is a picturesque place to live. It is situated to the north of Mossman and showcases terrific views of Snapper Island. The area is also within easy reach of the Daintree River and the accompanying rainforest. Overall the community is a quiet residential one with some lovely homes. However, there isn't much in the way of shops or accommodation options.


    What are the Wonga Beach facilities?

    The facilities at Wonga Beach include a caravan park, service station, BBQ facilities and pharmacy.


    Can you drive on Wonga Beach?

    It is possible to drive on Wonga Beach if you are resident with an ATV. However, you will need to procure a permit from Douglas Shire Council and display the pink sticker on your vehicle.

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