Alexandria Bay: The Unofficial Nudist Beach in Noosa National Park

Remote Queensland Beach Near Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast


Alexandria Bay Beach Visitors Guide


Welcome to my tourist guide to visiting Alexandria Bay Beach on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. To make it easier for you to follow I have arranged the post into the various heading below:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Where is Alexandria Bay?
3. How to get to Alexandria Bay
4. Best Time To Visit Alexandria Bay
5. What Facilities do they have at Alexandria Bay?
6. Things to do at Alexandria Bay
7. Alexandria Bay Nudist Beach
8. Alexandria Bay Accommodation
9. Final Thought
10. FAQs

A-Bay as the locals call it is a great beach in the Noosa National Park. So, if you manage to read this post all the way until the end, I hope it will have inspired you to go there!

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Of all the beaches you can visit on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, few have quite as mystical an air as Alexandria Bay.

Affectionately referred to as A-Bay by locals, this stunning 1.2 km sweep of pristine golden sand resides in the Noosa National Park, between Hells Gates and Devils Kitchen. To reach it you’ll have to embark on a scenic hike for 3 km to find the isolated spot that has been an unofficial clothing optional beach since the 1960s. (There is some push to make it recognised as an official nudist beach).

Regardless of whether you want to get your kit off or not, Alexandria Bay has a remoteness which makes it the perfect place to escape the tourists hoardes at Mooloolaba, Caloundra, Coolum and Noosa. So when you get there, lay down a towel, put on your Spotify playlist and watch the surfers ride the waves at the pockets located towards the end of the beach.

If you do come to Alexandria Bay, be respectful of the wishes of those clothed or nude individuals who might be there at the same time. Additionally, make sure you bring lots of water and food with you, as there are no facilities or amenities at this beach whatsoever.


The only way to Alexandria Bay is on foot, either through Noosa National Park or via Sunshine Beach, both of which are easy to reach by car or bus.


Where is Alexandria Bay?

Alexandria Bay is one of many beaches you can visit on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is located in the Noosa National Park which is about 2 km from Noosa Heads and about 140 km north of Brisbane.

Framed by the Coral Sea, A-Bay resides on land whose traditionally custodians are the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara peoples.

Its beach can only be accessed by walking track and, as previously mentioned, is located between Lion’s Rock to its south and Hell’s Gate to its north.


Alexandria Bay distance to other Queensland destinations

  • Gympie (69 km)
  • Redcliffe (115 km)
  • Brisbane (148 km)
  • Ipswich (181 km)
  • Childers (211 km)
  • Surfer's Paradise (214 km)
  • Toowoomba (267 km)
  • Warwick (299 km)
  • Agnes Water (377 km)
  • Gladstone (433 km)
  • Roma (522 km)
  • Rockhampton (534 km)
  • Yeppoon (574 km)
  • How to get to Alexandria Bay

    The only way to Alexandria Bay is on foot, either through Noosa National Park or via Sunshine Beach, both of which are easy to reach by car or bus.

    To get to either, you will likely need to travel along the David Low Way. However, you should use Google Maps or Waze to direct you. If you don’t have access to a car and need to head there by bus, here is the Translink timetable.

    Those planning on getting to A-Bay via Noosa Heads will have to take the Alexandria Bay Walk. You can join this from the Noosa National Park and stroll its 3.5 km length through the southern fringes of its headland area.

    The walk can be accessed through a sealed road suitable for regular 2WD vehicles, though parking is limited. Once on the track, it will lead you through spectacular terrain of rugged heathland and scenic eucalypt forest. It should take around an hour overall to get to A-Bay.

    If you would prefer to access the Alexandria Bay Walk from Sunshine Beach, you can do this at Parkedge Road, where there is plenty of free parking on-street. However, this journey is about 4.2 km in length and will take you about 1-2 hours to complete.

    For this reason you might want to head to McAnally Drive, as the walk is only just over 1.2 km (20 minutes) in length. Take note that parking is only for locals on this road, so you should leave your car in the bays just beyond the Sunshine Beach Surf Club.


    Hell's Gates in the Noosa National Park


    Best Time To Visit Alexandria Bay

    As the Sunshine Coast receives over 300 days of sunshine a year, Alexandria Bay Noosa is a destination you can visit all year round.

    Generally speaking there won’t be that many people there whatever time of the year you go. However, during the summer, especially around the Christmas period, it is likely to be busier than at other times, due to the fact that more tourists are in town.

    A-Bay is a popular spot for surfing, especially when the waves at Noosa Main Beach aren’t as pronounced. Therefore, if you head to the beach around sunrise there might be a sprinkle of people riding the waves. However, as getting to this part of the Noosa National Park with a longboard involves a bit of a trek, not many surfers usually make the effort.

    It is worth noting, there isn’t much in the way of shade at Alexandria Bay, so it is not a good idea to come during the middle of the day, unless you are bringing a cabana or beach umbrella with you.


    As it is remote and pristine, this fantastic Noosa beach is perfect for just laying down a towel (with or without clothes on) and watching the waves roll in.


    What Facilities do they have at Alexandria Bay?

    At Alexandria Bay there are no facilities or amenities for visitors to use whatsoever. This means no toilets, no bins, no picnic tables, no benches and no barbecue facilities.

    As a result you will need to bring everything you need with you when you do go to A-Bay. This should include the following:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

    It is also worth bringing a few first aid supplies just in case, as well as a good book and your smartphone to listen to a music playlist. Just be mindful that you might not get a great mobile phone reception out here depending on weather conditions and your provider’s network.

    Whatever you take with you to Alexandria Bay Sunshine Coast, make sure you take everything back out with you and leave no trace of your presence there.


    Alexandria Bay distance to other Queensland destinations

  • Newcastle (909 km)
  • Sydney (1058 km)
  • Wollongong (1156 km)
  • Canberra (1326 km)
  • Melbourne (1914 km)
  • Geelong (1977 km)
  • Adelaide (2136 km)
  • Hobart (2700 km)
  • Darwin (3447 km)
  • Perth (4417 km)
  • Things to do at Alexandria Bay

    The main thing to do at Alexandria Bay in the Noosa National Park is, well, nothing at all.

    As it is remote and pristine, this fantastic Noosa beach is perfect for just laying down a towel (with or without clothes on) and watching the waves roll in.

    If you are not too tired from walking there, you can stroll its entire 1.2 km length. You might also want to cast a line down by the rock area, where you’ll find some good gutters to catch the likes of tailor, whiting, bream, dart and flathead. Just be aware of the risks of its exposed terrain.

    If you fancy a swim, you’d do well to remember the beach is not patrolled. It is also well known for its strong currents and waves, so you should not go in above waist deep, especially if no one else is there to help, should you get into difficulty.

    For those who fancy a surf, A-Bay’s consistent break is a good alternative to Noosa Heads when its waves are on the low side – though you will have to carry your board with you a fair distance if you do feel like riding the swell.


    Aerial view of Noosa National Park


    Alexandria Bay Nudist Beach

    Since at least the 1960s, Alexandria Bay has been an unofficial nudist beach – despite nudism being banned on all beaches in Queensland.

    Most of the time the police turn a blind end to those donning their birthday suits, but every now and then – often in response to public concerns about the potential of predators – they do a crack down on the area and issue fines.

    If you decide to take off all your clothes at A-Bay while you are there, just be aware of the possible risk of this happening. It is also worth having an item of clothing within easy reach which you can slip on at the first sight of them.

    In recent times, partly due to media reports and a groundswell of local opinion, there has been a push to grant Alexandria Bay official status as a nudist beach.

    Noosa MP Sandy Bolton has even surveyed locals via various channels and found that 84% of the 820 respondents were in favour of legalising nudist beaches in Queensland. Additionally, 96% of 733 residents had no issue with A-Bay being granted official status as a clothing optional beach.

    To do this would require changing Queensland law. However, there is a distinct possibility this might happen in the coming years.


    While it might involve a bit of an effort to get there, Alexandria Bay is a beautiful beach which you should make a point of visiting at least once during your time on the Sunshine Coast.


    Alexandria Bay Accommodation

    There is nothing in the way of holiday accommodation or beach camping at Alexandria Bay. Subsequently, it is a place you can only visit on day trips.

    However, if you want to base yourself near A-Bay for your Queensland holiday, your best place is to book a rental apartment at Sunshine Beach or one of the resorts at Noosa Heads.

    Some of the most prominent ones to look out for include the following:

    Sunshine Beach

  • Andari Holiday Apartments
  • La Mer Sunshine Beachfront
  • Sunseeker Holiday Apartments
  • Chez Noosa Resort Motel
  • Crystal Shores Sunshine Beach

    Noosa Heads

  • Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort
  • Noosa Heads Motel
  • Mantra French Quarter Noosa
  • Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas
  • RACV Noosa Resort

    During the summer months you’ll need to make a reservation well in advance of your visit, especially at Noosa Heads, as demand is often quite high.


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  • Final Thought

    While it might involve a bit of an effort to get there, Alexandria Bay is a beautiful beach which you should make a point of visiting at least once during your time on the Sunshine Coast.

    Whether or not you take your clothes off while you are there is up to you. But you should definitely take the opportunity to set yourself up for a perfect day and enjoy the peace and quiet that defines this little piece of Queensland paradise.



    Where is Alexandria Bay Beach?

    Alexandria Bay Beach is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It can be accessed via a 20 minute walk to Alexandria Bay from McAnally Drive in Sunshine Beach. Alternatively, you can walk to it from Noosa Heads all the way through the Noosa National Park.


    Can you swim at Alexandria Bay Beach?

    Yes, you can swim at Alexandria Bay Beach, however it is important to note that it is an unpatrolled beach and the waves and currents there are very strong. For this reason, if you do go into the water, you will be doing so at your own risk.


    Is Alexandria Bay Beach a nudist beach?

    Officially, there are no legal nudist beaches on the Sunshine Coast. However, Alexandria Bay Beach has traditionally been a popular spot for locals to sunbathe nude. While police generally turn a blind eye to this practice, if you do decide to don your birthday suit in the area, you should be aware of the possibility of police raids and subsequent fines.


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