Kewarra Beach: Best Visitors Guide 2024 (UPDATED)

Secluded beach 30 minutes north of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland


Kewarra Beach Visitor Guide


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4. What Facilities do they have at Kewarra Beach?
5. How to get to Kewarra Beach
6. Things to do at Kewarra Beach
7. Kewarra Beach Accommodation
8. Where to Eat at Kewarra Beach
9. Final Thought
10. FAQs

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If you are looking for somewhere to well and truly get away from it all, then Kewarra Beach fits this bill nicely.

Situated just a 30 minute drive north from the Cairns Esplanade, this tranquil and secluded beach is very much off the tourist trail. Indeed, there is only one resort in the area – the beachfront Kewarra Beach Resort – and virtually nothing in the way of shops. Yet that just adds to its charm.

This makes Kewarra Beach a favourite spot for locals to swim, fish, sunbathe or walk their dog away from the crowds that rob them of their peace and quiet. The wide expanse of sand showcases superb views of the Coral Sea which are best experienced at sunrise and there is plenty of seating to take it all in.

Should you have a few spare hours on your hand and you just want to relax. There is no better place to come for a beach day in Tropical North Queensland.


Kewarra resides about 20 km north of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland


Where is Kewarra Beach?

The quiet and secluded coastal suburb of Kewarra resides about 20 km north of Cairns in Tropical North Queensland.

It is sandwiched between Trinity Beach and Clifton Beach and is known for being a lovely beachside community for families, couples and retirees. The current population is around 6190.


Distance to Other Beaches in TNQ

  • Trinity Beach (2km)
  • Cow Bay (102 km)
  • Newell Beach (64 km)
  • Wonga Beach (76km)
  • Wangetti Beach (22km)
  • Bramston Beach (100km)
  • Four Mile Beach (44km)
  • Clifton Beach (4km)
  • Palm Cove (7km)
  • Etty Bay (117km)
  • Ellis Beach (10km)
  • Holloways Beach (13km)
  • Yorkeys Knob (9km)
  • Machans Beach (14km)

    Best Time To Visit Kewarra Beach

    As Kewarra Beach is a residential beach you can enjoy going there all year round. However, due to it being in Tropical North Queensland the weather is likely to be very hot and humid if you went there between the months of November and March. So, you should factor this into the equation when planning your visit. That said, this is a perfect time for swimming (but only in the stinger net).

    The beach is still perfectly lovely the rest of the year, even in winter when the temperatures are very pleasant. Whenever you go, try to avoid staying out in the sun for too long in the middle part of the day. You should also not venture out onto the beach after dark or before sunrise. Kewarra is known as crocodile territory, so it pays to be croc-wise.


    Kewarra Beach Queensland is a beautiful beach in Tropical North Queensland


    What Facilities do they have at Kewarra Beach?

    The beach features a wide bay of sand that provides superb views of the Coral Sea. In terms of facilities it has toilets and outdoor showers, it also has a big shaded BBQ area, as well as a small playground for children to run around. If you bring bikes, roller-skates or fancy a jog, there is also a bitumen pathway that runs just behind the sand where you can undertake these activities.

    If you fancy a swim, you will be pleased to discover that Kewarra Beach is patrolled by local lifesavers for some part of the year. There is also a stinger net in place from November to April, which you will find near the car park at the beaches main entrance.

    Unfortunately there are no permanent shops or eateries directly on the beach. However, on Poolwood Road, which is the main road from which you turn onto from the highway on your way to it has a good selection, including a terrific convenience store, a cafe, bottle shop, pharmacy and various take-aways.

    If you happen to visit the beach on a Friday or Saturday evening during the peak season you will be able to enjoy meals, pizzas and drinks from the Beach Shack, which is right on the sand.

    Along the path, you will find several bench seats which make lovely spots to sit under a shady palm tree to take in the magnificent views.


    If you fancy a swim, you will be pleased to discover that Kewarra Beach is patrolled by local lifesavers for some part of the year.


    How to get to Kewarra Beach

    If you have access to a car, Kewarra Beach is easy to get to from Cairns. It will take you around 25 minutes to drive there along the National Route 1 and Captain Cook Hwy/State Route 44 and the destination is well sign-posted. Once you are there, you will find a car park at the beach, as well as plenty of parking in the neighbouring streets.

    Should you not have a vehicle you can catch an Uber from Cairns or the nearby coastal suburbs of Trinity Beach, Palm Cove or Clifton Beach. Alternatively, you can take the 110 or 111 bus from various destinations around the region to the stop at Discovery Drive, which is just a 2-minute walk to the main entrance of the beach.

    You may even be able to pick up an electric bike from Palm Cove, Clifton Beach and Trinity Beach, which can take you to Kewarra at your leisure as well.


    Distance to Other places in Queensland

  • Cairns (19km)
  • Cooktown (303km)
  • Port Douglas (48km)
  • Townsville (365km)
  • Mission Beach (157km)
  • Kuranda (22km)
  • Mackay (751km)
  • Airlie Beach (639km)
  • Brisbane (1726km)
  • Noosa (1594km)
  • Hervey Bay (1463km)
  • Longreach (1035km)
  • Mt Isa (1185km)
  • Surfers Paradise (1794km)
  • Things to do at Kewarra Beach

    Kewarra Beach is known for its pristine, golden sand that is beautifully framed by lush greenery. It is a lovely beach for walking, sunbathing, picnics and beachcombing, while the stinger nets and lifesaver patrol make it a pleasant spot for a swim.

    Some people choose to kayak or paddleboard in the Coral sea, while fishing is also a popular past time – it is possible to snare salmon here, while there are plenty of hermit crabs at low tide.

    Many locals come to Kewarra beach to let their dogs get some exercise. At the southern end of the beach there is an off leash area where your four-legged friend can freely run about. This zone starts from about 100 metres past the stinger nets and leads all the way up to the rocks, which are located at Taylor Point.

    Also at the southern end of the beach you’ll find plenty of fallen logs and tall trees which kids in particular love to spend time exploring.


    Sunset at Kewarra Beach in Tropical North Queensland, Australia


    Kewarra Beach Accommodation

    Unlike most of the other coastal suburbs in Tropical North Queensland, holiday accommodation is pretty scarce at Kewarra Beach. In fact, there is only one resort in the area – the Kewarra Beach Resort & Spa – which is nestled amongst 30 hectares of tropical gardens.

    This resort offers a fantastic selection of cottages that are designed to make your stay at them as comfortable as possible. Consisting primarily of one or two bedrooms, they are appointed with a range of amenities including private balconies, flat-screen TVs, minibars, free Wi-Fi and tea and coffee-making facilities. One of them dates back to the early part of the 1900s and even looks out to a stunning lagoon.

    If you stay there you will be able to dine at an upscale seafood eatery or indulge in a relaxing spa. The resort also features a private beach access complete with a seafront cafe, a lagoon style swimming pool and a fitness centre. Additionally, it offers event spaces and a business centre too.

    For those who would prefer to stay somewhere else, you could try the Portsea @ Kewarra Beach, Driftwood House.


    If you head into Clifton Beach, Trinity Beach or Palm Cove, there are plenty of other dining options there


    Where to Eat at Kewarra Beach

    Overall food options are quite limited near the sea front in Kewarra, apart from the Beach Shack. However, along the main road leading into the beach, and in the streets within the surrounding area, you will find a Thai restaurant, conveniently called Kewarra Thai Cuisine. They serve a delicious range of curries, noodle dishes and appetisers. try their chicken green curry – it is delicious!

    Alternatively, you can visit Ducks Pizzas and Burgers or The Takeaway @ Kewarra Beach for hearty portions of good old Aussies favourites.

    If you head into Clifton Beach, Trinity Beach or Palm Cove, there are plenty of other dining options there incorporating a wide range of international cuisines. My personal favourite is Nu Nu in Palm Cove. The food there is amazing and you can sit on their back terrace just metres from the palm trees that line the sea. Bookings are essential if you visit here though as it is a very popular restaurant.


    Where to eat in or near Kewarara

  • Kewarra Thai Cuisine (Kewarara)
  • Ducks Pizzas And Burgers (Kewarara)
  • The Takeaway @ Kewarra Beach (Kewarara)
  • Coco Mojo Bar & Grill (Clifton Beach)
  • Trinity Beach Tavern (Trinity Beach)
  • Il Chiosco (Trinity Beach)
  • L'Unico Trattoria Italiano (Trinity Beach)
  • Trinity Beach Kebab House (Trinity Beach)
  • YADA Thai Restaurant (Trinity Beach)
  • Nu Nu (Palm Cove)
  • Rattle & Hum (Palm Cove)
  • Temples of Tastes (Palm Cove)

    Final Thought

    Tropical North Queensland is blessed with some beautiful coastal areas and while others might be more prominent on the tourist trail, you should make a point of visiting Kewarra beach if you ever find yourself in this region.

    Kewarra is a destination that blends incredible natural beauty with peace and tranquillity, making it the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, digital detox, quality family time or simply to give yourself time to think.

    At the end of the day, the main reason for coming here is to get away from it all. It is the kind of place where you can easily lose track of time in a happy daze and simply ‘exist’, without a care in the world.



    How Far Is Kewarra Beach from Cairns?

    Kewarra Beach is situated about 20 km north of Cairns. You can easily reach it by car, Uber or bus along the Captain Cook Highway.


    Can you swim at Kewarra Beach?

    During the warmer months, typically November to April, you can swim in the stinger nets that are in place at Kewarra Beach. At this time the beach is also patrolled by surf lifesavers.


    How many people live in Kewarra Beach?

    The current population of Kewarra Beach is around 6190 people.


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