9 Best Capricorn Coast Beaches: 2024 Tourist Guide (UPDATED)

Popular Shire of Livingstone coastal destinations in Central Queensland


9 Best Capricorn Coast Beaches


Are you looking to visit the best Capricorn Coast Beaches during your time in Central Queensland? Then you should find this tourist guide a good source of information.

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1. Introduction
2. Best Time To Visit Capricorn Coast Beaches
3. How to get to the Capricorn Coast Beaches
4. Best Capricorn Coast Beaches
4.1 Great Keppel Island Beaches
4.2 Yeppoon Main Beach
4.3 Lammermoor Beach
4.4 Kemp Beach
4.5 Kinka Beach
4.6 Emu Park Main Beach
4.7 Farnborough Beach
4.8 Mulambin Beach
4.9 Keppel Sands Main Beach
5. Where to stay on the Capricorn Coast
6. Final Thought
7. FAQs

Hopefully, once you have finished reading the post, it will have inspired you to pay a visit to this fabulous region of the Sunshine State.

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Defined by their picturesque settings and laidback nature, the best Capricorn Coast beaches make a pleasant alternative to the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and Hervey Bay, especially for holidaymakers coming from Sydney and Brisbane.

Residing close to the Tropic of Capricorn, from which it gets its name, this lovely part of Central Queensland takes a full day of driving from the state capital. But once here, you will be able to enjoy pristine stretches of sand, an excellent range of water activities and easy access to both the Southern Great Barrier Reef and several surrounding islands.

For those heading from Yeppoon to Airlie Beach or even up towards Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, the region makes an excellent overnight stop-off destination.

However, if you stay a little longer, you’ll also find a range of fabulous holiday accommodations, an excellent dining scene and several compelling attractions within the region that may surprise you, and certainly delight you.


The Capricorn Coast beaches are easy to get to from most destinations within Queensland and beyond.


Best Time To Visit Capricorn Coast Beaches

The Capricorn Coast enjoys a delightful sub-tropical climate which typically features summers that are balmy and warm and winters that are relatively mild. As a result, it is a destination you can visit all year round.

Generally speaking, the summer months between December and February will be hot, with temperatures regularly topping 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is likely to be high at times too, often pushing above 60%.

This is a great time to visit the Capricorn Beaches and enjoy a splash around in the local pools, freshwater creeks and waterparks. However, if you come at this time you will need to stay well hydrated and make sure you stay sun protected. You should also be aware that this time of year is storm season too.

For this reason you might prefer to visit the Capricorn Coast beaches in the spring months of September and November when vivid flora blooms around the region or the autumn months of March to May when the climate is usually cooler and more comfortable for sunbathing and beach walking.

If you are wanting to check out the Southern Great Barrier Reef, winter is an excellent time to come to the area. The water clarity tends to be crystal clear and the early 20+ degrees temperatures are pleasant.


Driving Distance from Capricorn Coast to Other Queensland destinations

  • Rockhampton 52 km
  • Gladstone 155 km
  • Biloela 190 km
  • Mackay 360 km
  • Childers 369 km
  • Hervey Bay 428 km
  • Bowen 548 km
  • Sunshine Coast 592 km
  • Brisbane 691 km
  • Longreach 732 km
  • Townsville 742 km
  • Gold Coast 760 km
  • Cairns 1088 km
  • How to get to the Capricorn Coast Beaches

    The Capricorn Coast beaches are easy to get to from most destinations within Queensland and beyond.

    If you are driving, there are several major routes you can take to explore the area, most of which will lead you to the beaches of Yeppoon, via Rockhampton. They include the M1, Pacific Coast Way, Capricorn Way, Leichhardt Way and Australia’s Country Way.

    Depending on your starting destination your route will vary. So, it is worth using satellite navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze to provide you with the best directions.

    For those planning to fly into the area, you’ll have to go to Rockhampton Airport. You will be able to get a flight there with Virgin, Qantas or Jetstar to and from most major cities in Australia. Check out Rockhampton Airport for more details on flight arrivals and departures. Once at the airport, you will be able to hire a car as most of the main car rental companies operate desks there.

    Other ways to get to the Capricorn Coast region is to take the Greyhound Australia bus or catch the Spirit of Queensland train to Rockhampton Rail Station.

    Check out Queensland Rail for more information and timetables.


    Best Capricorn Coast Beaches

    Planning on visiting some of the best Capricorn Coast Beaches during your Queensland holiday?

    Here are nine of the best coastal destinations to visit while you are there.


    Great Keppel Island Beaches

    The magnificent Great Keppel Island is regarded as one of the premier island getaways on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Lying about 15 km off the mainland of Yeppoon and accessible by a short ferry ride it is home to many of the best Capricorn Coast beaches.

    Overall, there are 17 you can visit on the island, each offering a different experience. Arguably the best is Fisherman’s Beach, which is resplendent with powdery white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

    Another gem is Shelving Beach, known for its tranquil atmosphere and breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding islands and the Coral Sea. In addition, Monkey Beach, as the name suggests, is a popular spot to observe the playful antics of the island’s resident monkeys – just keep a close eye on any food you have with you!

    The unofficial, clothing-optional, Long Beach is where some visitors choose to adorn their birthday suit. Even if you prefer to stay clothed, its extended stretch of unspoilt, white coastline is perfect for walking along.

    Many people visit Great Keppel Island on a day trip. However you can choose to stay overnight at the Great Keppel Hideaway Resort.


    Yeppoon Main Beach

    Yeppoon Main Beach is one of the best of all Capricorn Coast beaches for families to visit due to its 1.4 km stretch of pristine sand, which is patrolled by surf lifesavers.

    The beach runs from the rocks at Spring Head to the mouth of Ross Creek, which are both good spots for fishing. The surf club is situated in the reserve at its northern end, while at the southern end is the Keppel Bay Sailing Club, where graceful boats are often launched.

    Offering a wide expanse and superb views, Yeppoon Main Beach is a terrific place for sunbathing, swimming and playing ball sports. But if you don’t fancy venturing into the Coral Sea, you can let the kids loose in the fabulous lagoon pool at the Keppel Kraken’ zero-depth water park, which is located directly on the foreshore.

    You’ll also find picnic areas, barbecue facilities and a playground on this family-friendly promenade, and plenty of cafes and eating options flanking it.


    Great Keppel Island Beach off the Capricorn Coast


    Lammermoor Beach

    Located just to the south of Yeppoon and about a 45-minute drive from Rockhampton is the sandy 2.5 km Lammermoor Beach.

    Directly overlooking Keppel Bay, this lovely coastal area is backed by a casuarina-covered foredune and features massive rocks that provide awesome, elevated views if you climb them.

    The rocks are a popular spot for fishing, and more centrally on the beach, you can also swim – though you will need to be mindful of the risk of seasonal jellyfish.

    If you have a canoe or kayak, you can launch it from Statue Bay, which is at the southern end of the beach, and venture out into the bay.

    To avoid carrying them a long way, come to Lammermoor beach via Lioness Park. There are a good number of parking spots, as well as barbecues, picnic tables, showers, and toilets there.


    Kemp Beach

    Nestled between two imposing post-volcanic trachyte headlands, Double Head (north) and Bluff Point (south), Kemp Beach is a stunning stretch of beach in Yeppoon.

    It runs from Rosslyn Bay, at its northernmost point, down south to the Capricorn Coast National Park, and can be accessed via Vin E Jones Memorial Drive or the Scenic Highway.

    This is one of the most popular Capricorn Coast beaches with both locals and tourists and is a particularly lovely spot for walking. You can do this either directly on the sand or via the tracks that skirts around it, but make sure you keep an eye out for dolphins and turtles, which are regularly seen in the area.

    To join the tracks, head to the car park at Shoreline Coase on the northern end of the beach. Over at the southern end you’ll find toilets and there are showers at every access point.

    While there are also picnic tables in the area, most of them are uncovered. So consider bringing your own umbrella for shade or wear hats if you intend to sit there for a while.


    Kinka Beach

    Running from the mouth of the Shoalwater Creek to the Causeway Lake outlet, beautiful Kinka Beach is situated about a 15-minute drive outside of the main Yeppoon beaches.

    The wide open beach is lapped by the gentle and scenic waters of Keppel Bay and is the quintessential seaside hotspot for families wanting a more affordable coastal getaway than they can get in other parts of Queensland.

    Those who visit here can enjoy uninterrupted views out towards Great Keppel Island. It is also one of the best Capricorn Coast beaches for walking and swimming, and the clean sand is perfect for building sandcastles. Stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and paddleboats can all be rented out at Causeway Lake, and you will be able to get some good fish and chips when you feel hungry.

    Three km away, Emu Park is a charming seaside hamlet with a nice selection of cafes to grab a takeaway coffee.


    Which of these beaches is your favourite of these Capricorn Coast Beaches in Queensland, Australia


    Emu Park Main Beach

    Talking of Emu Park, there is a lovely beach there too. It is patrolled from the middle of September to Labour Day, at weekends, by the Emu Park Surf Life Saving Club, so it is one of the best Capricorn Coast beaches for safe swimming.

    Away from the sand you’ll find all the amenities you need to set yourself up for the perfect beach day, this includes toilets and showers, good car parking, barbecues, picnic tables and a children’s playground.

    Along neighbouring Keppel Street there are also several cafes and shops, while the Centenary of Anzac Memorial Walk and the Singing Ship are a couple of attractions you should make a point of visiting.


    Farnborough Beach

    At 17 km in length, Farnborough Beach is one of the longest of all Capricorn Coast beaches, and what sets it apart from others in the region is that a decent portion of it is set aside for 4WD. If you join it from Bangalee, the view you get of the Coral Sea while you zip up and down the sand will break you out into goosebumps.

    Aside from driving on it, this fabulous beach is a popular spot for dogs, with a decent-sized area past the Bangalee boat ramp to Barwell Creek designated as a leash-free splash zone.

    Swimming, fishing and surfing are other popular past-times while the adjacent playground at the Yepppon Rotary Park will amuse the kids for a while. You’ll also find a decent range of amenities including toilets, shaded picnic tables and barbecue facilities.

    If you have come to the area with your RV or trailer, there is a nice caravan park you can stay at running parallel to the beach.


    Mulambin Beach

    Another of the excellent Capricorn Coast beaches to visit within the Capricorn Coast National Park is Mulambin Beach.

    Cradled between Bluff Point and Pinnacle Point, which lie north and south of it respectively, its 2 km stretch of sand runs alongside the Scenic Highway and can easily be accessed at various different points.

    If you come with a boat or kayak, you can launch it directly off the northern part of the beach when the tide is high. The area down by the rocks is a great spot for fishing.

    Mulambin Beach is also a popular spot for picnics, walking, and beachcombing, and kids, in particular, will enjoy exploring the beaches shallows. As it typically doesn’t get very crowded, you can enjoy your time here with relative peace and seclusion.


    Yeppoon Lagoon Beach view on the Capricorn Coast in Queensland, Australia


    Keppel Sands Main Beach

    Detached from the bigger towns and beaches of Yeppoon and Emu Park by Coorooman Creek is the idyllic seaside and fishing community of Keppel Sands. As it is a popular spot for retirees and family holiday makers, its laid back ambience makes it one of the best Capricorn Coast beaches to visit for a low key getaway.

    The beach can be accessed by the one-way street Schofield Parade and is a popular spot for walking and relaxation. However, you’ll have to make sure you do this at low tide as most of it is not accessible at high tide.

    You will, however, find a good selection of amenities including toilets, showers, picnic tables and barbecue facilities at both its north and south end. There are also a good selection of cafes in the local area when the hunger or coffee pangs hit.


    Directly overlooking the main beach, Salt Yeppoon is a terrific option for those wanting to be right by the sand


    Where to stay on the Capricorn Coast

    If you plan on visiting the best Capricorn Coast beaches on a Queensland holiday then you’ll need a place to base yourself. Thankfully, this part of Central Queensland is blessed with several holiday accommodation options including hotels, resorts, motels and apartments.

    One of the best places to stay is in Yeppoon where there are some excellent options. I have outlined some of the most popular of them below. You can click here to make a booking at any of them.

    Oshen Holiday Apartments Yeppoon

    The Oshen Holiday Apartments Yeppoon are located on a hill just a 3-minute walk to Yeppoon Main Beach. It offers an excellent range of apartments that each has a private patio showcasing tremendous views of the Coral Sea.

    These apartments also come with fully equipped kitchens, which makes them a perfect choice for tourists wanting to self-cater.


    Salt Yeppoon

    Directly overlooking the main beach, Salt Yeppoon is a terrific option for those wanting to be right by the sand of one of the best Capricorn Coast Beaches.

    They offer apartments that come with contemporary kitchens that have modern appliances and marble bench-tops. Guests can also enjoy the use of two resort-style swimming pools, an onsite restaurant and bar and a fitness centre.


    The Coast Motel

    For those wanting a more refined place to stay, The Coast Motel offers stylish, air-conditioned accommodation with nice en suite bathrooms.

    They also have a laundry, which is handy if you need to wash your togs after a day at one of the Capricorn Coast Beaches and provide guests with a delicious cooked breakfast every day.


    Capricorn Coast Tours and Excursions

    Don't fancy the beach? Here are some popular tours and day trips you can book.

  • Great Keppel Island Boat Day Trip with Lunch
  • Koorana Crocodile Farm Guided Tour
  • Keppel Islands Luxury Sail and Snorkel Day Tour
  • 90 Minute Capricorn Caves Explorer Tour
  • Sunset Cruise w/ Cheese Platter & Champagne
  • Puzzle in Paradise Scavenger Hunt Adventure Game
  • Fast Boat Snorkeling & Lunch Day Adventure
  • Great Keppel Island Glass Bottom Boat Tour & Ferry

    Final Thought

    Central Queensland, and in particular the Shire of Livingstone, is blessed with some of the Sunshine State’s most breathtaking coastlines. If you plan on visiting for a day trip or a longer getaway, the Capricorn Coast beaches outlined above should all be places you check out.

    The great thing about these beaches is that they are nowhere near as busy as those on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Moreover, as they are a bit further north, the weather is always slightly better here during the winter months.

    This means it’s a good place to go to from the Southern states of New South Wales or Victoria when the colder weather sets in. So, bear that in mind when the mercury dips into single figures.



    Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Capricorn Coast Beaches.

    Where is the Capricorn Coast?

    The Capricorn Coast is located about 600 km north of Brisbane and around a 30 minute drive from Rockhampton. It resides in Central Queensland, just under the Tropic of Capricorn, which is named after.


    What are some Capricorn Coast Beaches?

    There are quite a few Capricorn Coast beaches you can visit during your time in Central Queensland. Some of the most popular of them include Mulambin Beach, Kinka Beach, Kemp Beach and Yeppoon Main Beach.


    Which is the most popular of all the Capricorn Coast Beaches?

    The most popular of all Capricorn Coast beaches is Yeppoon Main Beach. This beautiful stretch of coastline is great for swimming and beach walking. It is also backed by a fantastic esplanade, which includes a man-made lagoon and there are plenty of shops and restaurants in the area.


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