10 Best Beaches in Bundaberg Region

Best Places for Sand and Sea on the Coral Coast


Best Beaches in Bundaberg Region in Queensland


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Welcome to my travel guide to the best Beaches in Bundaberg Region on the Coral Coast in Queensland. To make this post easy for you to follow I have organised it into the following sections:

1. Introduction
2. Best Beaches in Bundaberg Region
2.1 Kelly’s Beach
2.2 Bargara Beach
2.3 Moore Park Beach
2.4 Woodgate Beach
2.5 Nielson Beach
2.6 Coonarr Beach
2.7 Elliott Heads Beach
2.8 Archies Beach
2.9 Oaks Beach
2.10 Mon Repos Beach
3. Final Thought
4. FAQs

Hopefully what I have written will inspire you to pay a visit to this part of the Coral Coast on your next Queensland holiday.

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Are you looking to visit the best beaches in Bundaberg Region? Then you will need to head to the Coral Coast.

This wonderful part of lower, central Queensland is renowned for being the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef. However, it also has plenty of fantastic stretches of sandy shoreline to enjoy before you head off for your snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing and sailing adventures.

All of these beaches make perfect places to enjoy various coastal activities including beach walks, sunbathing and barbecues, making them a fabulous destination for a Queensland holiday.

For those planning their next day trip or longer vacation, I have put together this list of the 10 best beaches in Bundeberg Region. Each of them are easy to get to from various destinations along the M1/Bruce Highway, including Gladstone and Brisbane and beyond.


Distance to Bundaberg Region from other Queensland Destinations

  • Hervey Bay (97km)
  • Agnes Water (139km)
  • Gladstone (208km)
  • Rockhampton (309km)
  • Yeppoon (350km)
  • Brisbane (356km)
  • Toowoomba (390km)
  • Surfers Paradise (425km)
  • Warwick (472km)
  • Mackay (645km)
  • Charleville (796km)
  • Longreach (986km)
  • Townsville (1027km)
  • Cairns (1373km)
  • Best Beaches in Bundaberg Region

    If you are planning a visit to the Bundaberg Region on the Coral Coast in Queensland, here is a selection of the 10 best beaches you can visit while you are there.

    All of them make wonderful places to spend the day at, or at least a few hours. So, I would recommend you go to as many of them as you can.


    Kelly’s Beach

    Kelly’s Beach is a beautiful swimming haven in Bargara that boasts several swimming holes and calm areas for snorkeling. Many people come here from Bundaberg and beyond to cool off in the Coral Sea or the flowing tides of the causeway on a hot day.

    The beach is a popular spot for families to set themselves up for a Queensland beach day of sunbathing and relaxation. There are also plenty of toilet facilities, showers and shaded BBQ areas, where you can cook up sausages, steaks, burgers and fish. Additionally, kids will also love to run around in the playground or kick a footy around the sand.

    Just a block back from the beach, Kelly’s Beach Resort is an ECO certified holiday resort, residing among 5.5 acres of stunning gardens, that make a great place to stay for a Coral Coast holiday.


    Kellys Beach Bargara Coral Coast in Bundaberg Region
    View of the sand at Kellys Beach in Bargara


    Bargara Beach

    Although it is situated just 15 km to the east of Bundaberg, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in Hawaii when you visit Bargara Beach because the climate is very similar! Just like the Aloha State, it also has spectacular beaches, gorgeous palm trees and friendly locals as well.

    The 6km oceanfront esplanade at Bargara acts as the main hub of the Southern Great Barrier Reef and features several eateries that champion the area’s local produce. They also boast several fabulous holiday rentals that place you directly across from the beach.

    One of the best ways to enjoy Bargara is to ride the waves early in the morning or enjoy a pleasant stroll on the golden sand at sunrise. Throughout the day you can take in the wonderful views of the Coral Sea from the winding boardwalk, let the kids loose in one of the playgrounds or enjoy a barbecue at one of the many al fresco picnic spots that are dotted along the way.

    Undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Bundaberg Region, this delightful coastal area is easy to get to from Bundaberg and has plenty of free parking. It is also a dog-friendly beach too.


    Rockwall at Bargara Beach in Bundaberg Region of Queensland, Australia
    Rockwall at Bargara Beach


    Moore Park Beach

    Stretching for around 20km, Moore Park Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Bundaberg Region. Situated just a 15 minute drive from the Bundaberg CBD, this beach has something for everyone.

    For a start, during the summer months, it is patrolled at its southern end by a team of Moore Park Beach Surf Lifesavers, which makes swimming a very popular activity. It also has a stretch of sand where your furry, four legged friend can run free, while at its northern end, you can go four wheel driving through one of its more pristine sections.

    Elsewhere, there are plenty of spots to lay down a towel or set up your umbrella and beach chairs for a day of fun in the sun.

    As a family-friendly beach you’ll find all the amenities and services you need including a bakery and other eateries, mini mart, service station and plenty of places to stay, such as motels, B&Bs and caravan holiday parks.

    If you are into bird-watching, the area also accommodates a breeding, roosting and feeding habitat just a short distance from the beach.


    Bargara Esplanade Beach in Bundaberg Region of Coral Coast, Australia
    Bargara Esplanade Beach


    Woodgate Beach

    If this list of the best beaches in Bundaberg region was ranked, then Woodgate Beach would probably come out as number one.

    A largely residential beach that incorporates 16 km of coastline, the sight of gorgeous white sand jetting off in the distance, as far as the eye can see in both destinations, will break you out into goosebumps.

    With the gentle waves of the Coral Sea lapping at your feet, it is the perfect beach to go for a long, leisure walk. Though don’t be surprised if you see plenty of kangaroos enjoying the sandy shoreline during the sunrise and sunset hours.

    Woodgate is an excellent spot for crabbing, prawning and fishing while, four wheel driving is also a popular pastime here. There are also plenty of places to cook up some burgers or snags on the barbie.

    Depending on what time of the year you visit, you might also get to see nesting turtles or migrating whales and dolphins frolicking off-shore.


    Woodgate Beach Queensland in the Bundaberg Region
    Woodgate Beach


    Nielson Beach

    Nestled directly over the road from the Bargara Surf Lifesaving Club lies Nielson Park Beach. At just 500 metres in length, it is not the biggest of the beaches in Bundaberg Region but it is nonetheless one of the most interesting.

    Backed by a wide, palm-tree lined foreshore reserve, which has plenty of parking, the beach sits at Bargara’s northern end. It is notable for being fringed at both its ends by robust basalt rock flats, which accumulate large tidal pools at low tide.

    The beach is popular amongst swimmers and surfers, and as it is a few minute’s drive away from the main action, it provides a more serene spot to enjoy a beach day. There are also several picnic spots you can make use of when you feel peckish.


    Sand at Bargara Beach in Queensland in the Bundaberg Region of the Coral Coast
    Sand at Bargara Beach


    Coonarr Beach

    Sandwiched between Woodgate Beach to the right and Elliott Heads to the left, Coonarr Beach is an elongated stretch of gorgeous white beach that has a paradaiscal feel to it.

    At 4.2km long, this east facing beach is one of the best beaches in Bundaberg Region for whale watching during the winter, while in the summer it is a lovely spot for a leisurely dip in the Coral Sea.

    The beach starts at the tidal shoals at the mouth of the Elliott River and runs all the way down to the Coonarr Creek, which has a much smaller mouth. It is known for being an excellent place to bring your dog for a walk.

    At the beach’s southern end you’ll find a gravel road that takes you out to Coonarr, a small beachfront settlement with plenty of parking and some quaint places to stay.


    Kellys Beach Bargara in Bundaberg Region of Qld
    Kellys Beach in Bargara


    Elliott Heads Beach

    Nestled at the Elliott River Mouth and surrounded by small crop farms and rural sugarcane, its hard to believe Elliott Heads Beach is just a short 15 minute drive from the CBD in Bundaberg. As a place where the river joins with the ocean and the country turns to the coast, its pristine setting makes Elliott Heads one of the best beaches in Bundaberg Region.

    The water colour here is a particularly alluring shade of blue, which contrasts beautifully with the white sand. It is a very popular spot for jet-skiers, surfers and kite-surfers, as well as those who want to explore the large rockpools and fringing coral that sits at its northern end.

    For those who want to spend a few days enjoying the area, the Elliott Heads caravan park is an excellent option. There are also good toilet and shower facilities here as well as BBQs and picnic spots.


    View at Elliott Heads Beach in Bundaberg Region of Queensland
    View at Elliott Heads Beach


    Archies Beach

    On the Bargara Esplanade, towards its southern tip, you’ll find Archies Beach. Despite not being patrolled it is one of the best beaches in Bundaberg region for surfing as the waves can be a touch rough.

    Overall, the beach extends for 1km and comprises golden sand that is offset by the shimmering waters of the Coral Sea. It is a popular spot for sunbathing, beachcombing and swimming, while dog owners love to come here as their pooch is allowed to roam free on the sand.


    Archies Beach Bargara in Bundaberg Region of Coral Coast
    Archies Beach in Bargara


    Oaks Beach

    At just 200 metres in length, Oaks Beach is the smallest of the beaches in Bundaberg Region on this list. However, what sets it apart from the others is that it is man-made. As legend has it, some local farmers were after a nice place to have a swim along the rocky shoreline so they developed the beach themselves.

    Situated just a 10-minute drive from Bargara, you won’t find my tourists here. However, at high tide you will be able to splash around in the water, while at low tide you can check out the fascinating rock pools that house several wildlife and fish species.

    Although this is a family friendly beach it is only patrolled at the weekend. Moreover, whenever you go for a dip you should also be careful of the strong currents and submerged rocks, that await below the surface, particularly near the rock wall.


    Kellys Beach Bargara Queensland on the Coral Coast
    Kellys Beach in Bargara


    Mon Repos Beach

    For many people, Mon Repos Beach is a must visit destination among all the beaches in Bundaberg Region.

    Between November to March, this secluded 6km stretch of stunning coastline is renowned for being the home of nesting and hatching turtles. The beach is shut off to the public during the evening, however you can still see these ancient mariners do their thing at night on a Mon Repos Turtle Encounter.

    When it is not turtle season, swimming, water sports and sailing are popular activities.


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  • Woodgate Beach Hotel (Woodgate)
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    Final Thought

    While the beaches in Bundaberg Region might not currently have the star power of nearby Hervey Bay, or the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, they still make fantastic places to visit for a day trip or a Queensland family holiday.

    Overall, the Coral Coast is a terrific destination for those wanting to relax in a quiet, family-friendly area away from the crowds. If you are looking to get away for a bit of R&R, I can’t recommend them highly enough.




    What are some of the best beaches in Bundaberg Region?

    Some of the most popular and best beaches in Bundaberg Region include Kellys Beach in Bargara, Elliott Heads and Woodgate Beach.


    Is Bundaberg Region Tropical or Sub-Tropical?

    All of the beaches in Bundaberg Region are sub-tropical, which means they enjoy warm temperatures throughout the year. During the summer, daytime temperatures regularly exceed 30°C. In winter, the average is around 22°C.


    Where is the Bundaberg Region?

    The Bundaberg Region is located around the Coral Coast in the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland, Australia. Bundaberg is the main city in the area, while Bargara, Woodgate and Elliot Heads are popular beaches in Bundaberg Region you can visit.


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