12 Reasons To Love The Beach

12 Reasons To Love The Beach


12 Reasons To Love The Beach

A 2019 study by the University of Exeter concluded that people who live near the coast are generally happier than those who don’t.

The study surveyed over 25,000 people from various economic backgrounds.

It found those who live less than half a mile from the beach are up to 40% less likely to show signs of mental health disorders than those who lived 50km from the coast.

The specific factors as to why this was the case was not definitively conveyed in the study. However at Beach Scenes we believe there are a number of reasons to love the beach.

And in our minds these reasons, which we have outlined below, significantly contribute.



1. Feeling the sand between your toes

There are few feelings as reassuring as the sensation of sand between your toes. It is very grounding to reconnect with nature this way.

Whether it be warm sand, cool sand, dry sand or wet sand, every step you take on the beach feels like a massage for both your feet and your soul.



2. The salty air

Beaches have a very distinct salty smell. Its actually quite hard to describe this smell other than referring to it as that ‘beachy smell’.

But then most people would instantly recognize it.

Like the smell of your favourite meal, the smell of the beach is an instant mood lifter.

According to The Lung Institute it also has some health benefits too. They posit that breathing ocean air has been found to produce thinner mucus, an improved lung function, reduced coughing and also decreased sinus pressure amongst sufferers of certain lung diseases.



3. The roar of the ocean

We all have that one song that instantly takes us to our happy place. Likewise the sound of the waves breaking on the shore can do the same for us too.

Whether it be gentle waves lapping on the sand, or monster surf tumultuously crashing on the shore, the rhythmic sounds of the ocean are very calming and relaxing.

So much so that some people even play recordings of it to help them fall asleep at night.

During the day when you are laying on the beach, or even at night when you are sitting by the ocean, the aquatic hum is an instant de-stressor.



4. The Sky

Ever notice how the sky just seems so much bigger at the beach than it does in urban areas?

Perhaps it is because there aren’t any buildings around to clutter your view. Or that the light reflecting off the ocean horizon appears to give it a bigger dimension.

But whatever the reason, many people feel they can finally ‘breathe’ when they stare out at a sky viewed over an endless expanse of ocean.



5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very good for our health.

So sitting out in the sunshine whilst on the beach has some proven health and wellness benefits.

This includes strengthening your immune system, reducing stress, weight loss, improving bone health, ensuring better sleep and fighting off depression.

Aim to get between 10-30 minutes of sunlight several times per week. Just be sure to be sun smart by using sunscreen, wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water.



6. Beach Walks

Walking is very good for you. And what better place to walk on than the beach?

Not only does it provide a beautiful landscape in which to stroll on the act of walking on the beach has been proven to use more energy than on hard surfaces.

When you walk on the beach you often end up walking longer too, as often you are intoxicated by the beauty of your surroundings.


Can you relate to these 12 Reasons To Love The Beach?


7. Swimming & Surfing

A major drawcard of the beach is that you can swim or surf in the ocean.

Great exercise and great fun, this offers a fantastic way to exercise, unwind and blow off some steam.

The feeling of the water on your skin is very refreshing. You can almost feel it washing your stresses away.



8. Sunrise & Sunset

Viewing the sunrise or sunset at the beach is a magical experience.

The colours of the visual spectacle you encounter can titillate your soul. Some of them you will even struggle to accurately describe.

Watching a sunrise or sunset has been proven to relieve stress and heighten your mood.

It also helps you appreciate something millions of other people take for granted.



9. Marine Wildlife/Animals

The beach is an animal lovers paradise.

On some beaches around the world you get to see some amazing marine wildlife. These include dolphins, stingrays, manatees, sea turtles, tropical fish.

You also get to see a wide range of ocean birds including albatross, northern gannet, puffin, terns and seagulls.

In other countries you even might encounter elephants, alligators, kangaroos and even lions!

If animals are your thing, the beach provides you with plenty of viewing opportunities.



10. Photo Opportunities

The beach provides you with some awesome photo opportunities.

Whether it be the coastal landscape of a beach and the ocean. A beautiful sunrise or sunset. The majesty of marine wildlife or even just an image that captures a brief moment in time, a visit to the beach provides plenty of chances to take amazing snaps.

For these reasons, for both the professional or the amateur photographer, the beach is a happy hunting ground.



11. Collecting Seashells

An awesome thing to do, and another reason to love the beach is collecting seashells.

There are so many beautiful shells and stones of all colours on the beach. It is quite addictive, and you can spend hours sorting through them.

If you find some good ones you most often than not can take them with you to decorate your home – just check for signs prohibiting this though.

As a general rule when collecting seashells head to the point where the shore stops. You’ll find some good ones just recently washed up here.



12. Eating

The beach is a fantastic place to eat.

Whether it be food you have brought or are making yourself, or a takeaway option from a nearby restaurant, having breakfast, lunch or dinner at the beach is a very convivial thing to do.

Its also a great way to hang out with friends or family and is a lovely date night option too.



What’s your favourite reason to love the beach?


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The goal of Beach Scenes is to encourage people to live their best beach life.



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