World Beach Day: A Celebration of all things Beach!

World Beach Day


World Beach Day is one the 30th August every year. It is a celebration of all things beach.


There are many wild and wonderful national days to look forward too throughout the year.

International Day of Happiness is always a highlight and National Hugging Day is pretty cool too. National Burrito Day appeals to many and National Name Your Car Day can provide a bit of fun as well.

But the one national day we look forward to the most here at Beach Scenes is of course National Beach Day!

Also known as World Beach Day, or International Beach Day, this celebration of the beach takes place on 30th August.

It’s the perfect reminder to forget about the daily pressures of life and just head out onto the sand to relax, have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature.





About World Beach Day

World Beach Day was established by Patti Jewel the CEO of

A true beach lover, she embarked on a year-long project to walk on all of Florida beaches back in 2010. No mean feat considering Florida has 663 miles of coastline!

Whilst doing these walks, she conceptualized World Beach Day to be a celebration of all things beach. To encourage people to visit and have fun at the beach more often and also to raise awareness of the various ecological issues that can ruin the beauty and health of beaches.

This includes things like water pollution, deforestation, overdevelopment and urbanization, as well as the littering of sand that threaten beach wildlife and overall beach enjoyment.

World Beach Day was first observed officially in 2014.

Since then Patti has implemented World Beach Month, which includes activities and special days to promote awareness and appreciation of beach contamination.

She has also helped set up National Walk in the Sand Day. Observed on the Saturday after the March Equinox (start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) it was established to celebrate the beauty and health benefits of walking on the beach.

If you love the beach why not participate in all these celebrations at your favourite beach?



75 Mile Beach on Fraser Island in Queensland



How you can celebrate it

The best way to celebrate World Beach Day is of course to visit your favourite beach and have a great time there.

Whilst you are there you can do a wide range of activities other than sunbathing. Either on your own or with your friends.

But aside from that one of the best things you can do is contribute to a beach cleanup.

For a start be sure to leave nothing you brought with you behind. No food scraps, no trash, definitely no plastic and no items of clothing or footwear that could otherwise cause detriment to sea birds & ocean mammals.

Once you have done this consider picking up any of the other rubbish you may find too and dispose of it in the nearest bin.

Be sure to use gloves, or even better a pick up tool and place it in a big bin bag.

Every piece of litter you pick up makes a difference and the more people who do it the cleaner, safer and more relaxing beaches will be in the years to come.





Still Need Convincing?

If you still need some convincing, then please consider the following facts from

1. Every year more than 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into oceans. That is the equivalent to the size of 57,000 blue whales.

2. If this continues it has been projected that ocean plastic will outweigh ocean fish by 2050.

3. Ocean rubbish can be broken into smaller pieces, or microplastic, by sun exposure and wave action, after which it can find its way into the food chain. But this takes upwards of 400 years. However, when it eventually degrades, the process releases chemicals that further contaminate the sea.

4. 70% of garbage sinks to the ocean floor, meaning once it enters the ocean, we will probably never be able to clear it up.

5. In 2004, scientists counted 146 hypoxic zones (areas of such low oxygen concentration that animal life suffocates and dies) in the world’s oceans. Just four years later in 2008, that number jumped to 405.

6.In 2017, in the Gulf of Mexico, oceanographers detected a dead zone nearly the size of New Jersey — this is the largest dead zone ever measured.


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