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Best Places for Whale Watching in Queensland


Quick Overview of the List

Want to go whale watching in Queensland? Well here is a quick snapshot of my recommendations of the 12 best beaches in the Sunshine State to see them in during their annual migration on the east coast of Australia.

They are presented from south of the Gold Coast to the north of Tropical North Queensland.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Best Beaches for Whale Watching in Queensland
2.1 Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast
2.2 Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast
2.3 Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island
2.4 Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island
2.5 Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast
2.6 Indian Head, K’gari
2.7 Hervey Bay
2.8 Bargara Beach, Bundaberg
2.9 Lamberts Beach, Mackay
2.10 Magnetic Island, Townsville
2.11 Great Barrier Reef, Cairns
2.12 Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation
3 Tips for an Incredible Whale Watching Experience in Queensland
4. Final Thought
5. FAQs

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Queensland is a coastal paradise known for its pristine beaches, vibrant marine life, and breathtaking natural beauty. But one annual event transforms this picturesque coastline into a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers – the magnificent migration of humpback whales.

The whale watching season in Queensland runs from May to November. During this time, these gentle giants embark on an awe-inspiring journey along the east coast of Australia, creating a captivating spectacle that draws visitors from around the world. But where are the best places to see them?

In this article, I’ll take you on a virtual tour of the ‘Best Beaches for Whale Watching in Queensland’.

From the golden sands of the Gold Coast to the rugged shores of Fraser Island, I’ll showcase twelve excellent destinations to witness these majestic creatures up close and personal. So, if you’re keen to be enthralled by the wonder of whale watching in Queensland, keep reading to discover the ideal beaches for this unforgettable experience.


Best Beaches for Whale Watching in Queensland

Want to go whale watching in Queensland? Here are 12 of the best coastal destinations to enjoy such a nature and wildlife experience.


Coolangatta Beach, Gold Coast

Coolangatta Beach, located on the southernmost tip of the Gold Coast, is a coastal treasure that provides a remarkable viewpoint for whale watching in Queensland.

The beach boasts beautiful golden sands and clear blue waters, making it a picturesque backdrop and also a prime spot to witness the annual humpback whale migration.

Between May and November, tourists gather at Coolangatta Beach to see the majestic giants of the sea as they make their way along their migration path. The Point Danger Lookout, situated high above the shoreline, is a renowned location for whale watching in Queensland, enabling you to catch a fantastic glimpse of these magnificent creatures breaching and spouting.

If you are on the Gold Coast, be sure to come here to check out the ocean’s most captivating residents.


Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Whale watching in Queensland at Burleigh Heads is another serene and awe-inspiring experience that allows you to connect with the ocean’s wonders while enjoying the coastline’s picturesque beauty.

Although Coolangatta Beach is a renowned spot for whale watching on the southern Gold Coast, nearby Burleigh Heads Beach also provides fantastic opportunities to witness migrating humpback whales. The elevated Burleigh Headland offers unobstructed panoramic views of the ocean, making it an ideal spot to spot these gentle giants as they make their way along the Queensland coast.

Whether you’re perched on the headland or relaxing on the sandy shores of Burleigh Beach, the spectacle of humpbacks breaching and playing in the azure waters is a sight to behold.


Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island, affectionately known as ‘Straddie’, is a hidden gem when it comes to whale watching in Queensland.

At Point Lookout, situated on the island’s eastern edge, you’ll discover a whale-watching paradise that combines natural beauty with the thrill of spotting migrating humpback whales. The elevated vantage point of Point Lookout provides an unobstructed view of the ocean, making it an ideal location to witness these gentle giants on their annual journey.

From June to October, visitors can revel in the awe-inspiring sight of humpbacks breaching, tail-slapping and playing in the crystal-clear waters just offshore. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen whales several times or if it will be your first, heading to North Stradbroke Island’s Point Lookout is something you should do if you happen to be on the island at the right time of year.


Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island

Whale watching at Moreton Island’s Tangalooma Beach is a captivating and immersive experience that should not be missed.

As humpback whales migrate along the Queensland coast, Tangalooma Beach offers a front-row seat to witness their majestic journey. Here, you can embark on guided whale-watching tours operated by Tangalooma Resort, where expert guides provide fascinating insights into the whales’ behaviour and the significance of their migration. The highlight of the experience is the chance to get remarkably close to these gentle giants, thanks to purpose-built vessels with underwater viewing windows and a unique platform that brings you to eye-level with the whales as they swim gracefully by.

The combination of breathtaking scenery, ethical whale-watching practices, and the thrill of seeing these magnificent creatures up close makes Tangalooma Beach an exceptional destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable encounter with humpback whales in their natural habitat.


Queensland Whale Watching in Australia


Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast

Over on the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba Beach is a beloved destination for both beachgoers and whale watching in Queensland.

During the annual humpback whale migration season, this beach transforms into a haven for those seeking a front-row seat to this natural spectacle. The Mooloolaba esplanade offers not only a charming seaside promenade but also fantastic opportunities for whale watching.

You can also enjoy the convenience of whale-watching cruises departing from Mooloolaba Wharf, where experienced guides take you on a memorable journey to witness these gentle giants in their natural habitat. For those seeking a more laid-back experience, a leisurely walk along the shoreline may also lead to incredible encounters as the whales breach and frolic just off the coast.

Overall, Mooloolaba Beach’s combination of natural beauty and whale-watching opportunities makes it a must-visit destination for anyone captivated by the wonders of the ocean.


Indian Head, K’gari

K’gari, aka Fraser Island, is the world’s largest sand island, renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty and unique landscapes. Among its many attractions, Indian Head stands out as an iconic location for whale watching in Queensland.

Situated on the island’s eastern side, Indian Head offers a dramatic, rocky vantage point that provides breathtaking views of the ocean and a perfect perch for spotting humpback whales during their migration season. Visitors are often treated to the awe-inspiring sight of these massive creatures breaching and spouting just offshore. What makes this experience even more special is the untamed wilderness that surrounds you, including pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Subsequently, Indian Head is a place where you can connect with nature in its purest form and witness the magic of the ocean’s gentle giants in a truly awe-inspiring setting.


Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay, often referred to as the ‘Whale Watching Capital of the World’, is a coastal haven that attracts travellers from around the globe during the humpback whale migration season.

The beaches of Hervey Bay, such as Scarness, Torquay and Urangan are among the best places for whale watching in Queensland, offering a unique and heartwarming experience. Here, thousands of humpback whales make a stopover in the calm, sheltered waters to rest and nurse their calves. As a result, Hervey Bay provides unparalleled opportunities for close encounters with these magnificent creatures. Joining a guided whale-watching tour from the picturesque Hervey Bay Marina is the best way to get up close and personal with these gentle giants, as experienced guides share insights into their behaviour and ensure responsible and respectful interactions.

Ultimately, visiting Hervey Bay’s beaches promises not only thrilling whale sightings but also a deep appreciation for the marvels of the marine world.


Bargara Beach, Bundaberg

Bargara Beach, a little further up the coast in Bundaberg, is one of the most underrated spots for whale watching in Queensland.
The town’s headlands and lookouts provide excellent vantage points for spotting these majestic creatures as they make their way along the coast. Within a tranquil and laid-back atmosphere, you can savour the mesmerising sight of humpbacks breaching and frolicking just off the coast, all while enjoying the peaceful charm of Bargara Beach.

Overall, it’s a more intimate and less crowded location for whale watching in Queensland, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a genuine and serene encounter with these gentle giants.


Whale Watching is a popular activity at Hervey Bay


Lamberts Beach, Mackay

In Far North Queensland, one of the best places to experience the tranquillity and beauty of the Queensland coastline – while witnessing the awe-inspiring migration of humpback whales – is at Lamberts Beach in Mackay.

Between June and October, you’ll be able to see these magnificent creatures from excellent vantage points up around the headlands and lookout points around the beach.

With unobstructed views of the ocean, you can spot humpbacks breaching and playing in the pristine waters. The laid-back ambience of Mackay and the secluded charm of Lamberts Beach create a serene setting for whale watching in Queensland, allowing you to enjoy the spectacle in peace.


Magnetic Island, Townsville

Whale watching in Queensland doesn’t come much better than at Townsville’s Magnetic Island. There you can enjoy a unique and enchanting experience that allows you to witness the grace of humpback whales against the backdrop of tropical paradise.

Magnetic Island, a short ferry ride from Townsville, is home to a resident population of humpback whales during the annual migration season. So you can often see these majestic creatures as they pass by the island’s tranquil waters.

Several tour operators provide you with an opportunity to get closer to the action. So, whether you choose to observe from the island’s shores, hike to elevated viewpoints, or join a dedicated whale-watching cruise, the chance to witness humpback whales in such a pristine tropical setting is a truly magical experience you should not miss.


Great Barrier Reef, Cairns

Cairns, often hailed as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, offers a whale-watching experience in Queensland unlike any other.

While the reef is renowned for its vibrant marine ecosystems and excellent snorkelling opportunities, it also serves as a seasonal playground for dwarf minke whales from June to August.

Subsequently, embarking on a whale-watching adventure from Cairns is a unique opportunity to combine the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef with the thrill of observing these awesome creatures.

On specialised tours, you can venture into the open waters, where these inquisitive minke whales often approach boats, providing an intimate and unforgettable experience. The chance to witness these charismatic whales in the backdrop of the world’s largest coral reef system is a true testament to the biodiversity and natural beauty that Queensland has to offer.


Myall Beach, Cape Tribulation

Arguably the best place for whale watching in Queensland has been left till last – the pristine wilderness of Cape Tribulation in Tropical North Queensland.

At Myall Beach stands as a hidden treasure for those seeking an enchanting backdrop for whale watching.

Surrounded by the ancient Daintree Rainforest, Myall Beach offers a unique and tranquil setting for encountering migrating humpback whales. It’s a destination where nature’s beauty is on full display and the harmonious coexistence of the terrestrial and marine worlds becomes evident.

As these majestic creatures pass by on their annual journey, visitors can enjoy the captivating vision of humpbacks in all their glory. Overall, Cape Tribulation’s Myall Beach is a place where the wonders of the sea meet the enchantment of the rainforest, creating an unforgettable and spiritually rejuvenating experience of whale-watching in Queensland.


Whale Watching Qld in Australia


Tips for an Incredible Whale Watching Experience in Queensland

To make the most of your whale-watching in Queensland adventure, consider these valuable tips.

First and foremost, booking a dedicated whale-watching tour with knowledgeable guides significantly enhances your chances of spotting these magnificent creatures while providing valuable insights into their behaviour and conservation. Secondly, equip yourself with a good pair of binoculars to get a closer look at the whales as they breach and frolic. Patience is key; whale watching may require some waiting, so take the time to soak in the coastal scenery and appreciate the serene surroundings.

Lastly, always remember to respect wildlife and follow responsible whale-watching guidelines. Maintain a safe distance from the whales to ensure their well-being and minimise stress.

By adhering to these tips, you’ll not only maximise your chances of witnessing these ocean giants but also contribute to their preservation for future generations to admire and cherish.


Final Thought

Queensland’s beaches offer an unparalleled opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of humpback whales on their annual migration.

Whether you’re on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Fraser Island, or any of the other stunning locations mentioned, whale watching in Queensland is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to be mesmerised by the majesty of these ocean giants on the picturesque beaches of the Sunshine State!


Final Thought

When is the best time for whale watching in Queensland?

Typically, you should be able to see humpback whales off coast of Queensland during the period of late spring and autumn. Usually, around July and August, they turn south, with about a 25% of the population heading to Hervey Bay. There, they provide unique visual spectacle of whale watching in Queensland from August to October.


What time of day are whales most active?

If you plan on going whale watching in Queensland, the best times to do this are in the morning or late afternoon. At this time, whales are typically most active, so it is the best time to see them.


Where are some good places to go whale watching in Queensland?

Some of the best places to go whale watching in Queensland include Coolangatta, Hervey Bay, Magnetic Island and Cape Tribulation.


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