What Is Beach Lifestyle?

What Is Beach Lifestyle?

What Is Beach Lifestyle?


There is a quote by Sandy Gingras that perfectly sums up what is Beach Lifestyle.


She said ‘At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun’.


Can you relate to what she means?


I certainly can.


So What is it?


For me the beach lifestyle is about not just one thing. But many different things.


It is about escapism.


Escapism from the daily grind of the 9-5. Or the pressures of responsibility.


It is about hope.


Hope for the future. For better times ahead.


It is about peace of mind and also serenity.


Destressing. Breathing. And connecting with nature.


Its about romance. Falling in love, being in love or recalling past romantic liaisons.


Beach lifestyle is about your health and also your wellness. Its about living your best life.


It is a place to have fun as well as exercise.


To walk, jog, surf. Or to play football, cricket or also with a frisbee.



It’s a place of memories.


From those of the past. To those you are about to make.


It’s a place to witness the true marvels of nature. Whether it be a sunrise, sunset or just a beautiful beach scene.


The beach is the place we go when we want to be in a better place. Or having a better time.


The beach is where we dream of a better life.


But the thing is you don’t have to do this just when you are on the beach.


A beach lifestyle is a state of mind.


Are you living your best beach lifestyle?



Beach Lifestyle Is A State of Mind


You can have a beach lifestyle even when you are miles away from the beach.


It is in the way you think. Your outlook in life and also the way you interact with people.


It is in the clothes you wear. The art you possess. And also the way you decorate your home.


It is in the literature you read. The cinematography you watch and also the photos that inspires you.


A beach lifestyle is at the very core of your essence.


It defines who you are.


It is the way you choose to live your life and also the happiness you get from it.


Are you living your best beach life?

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