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Popular Sunshine Coast Holiday Destination for Queensland Tourists


Golden Beach Caloundra Visitor Guide


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2. Where Is Golden Beach Caloundra?
3. Best Time To Visit Golden Beach Caloundra
4. What Facilities Do They Have at Golden Beach Caloundra?
5. Things to do at Golden Beach Caloundra
6. Golden Beach Caloundra Accommodations
7. Where To Eat in Golden Beach Caloundra
8. Final Thought
9. FAQs

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Golden Beach Caloundra is a charming destination located along the beautiful coastline of Queensland in Australia.

This hidden gem offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and vibrant seaside charm – inviting adventurers and leisure seekers to indulge in the warmth of one of the best Caloundra beach destinations.

The golden sands, clear waters and exciting activities make it an ideal destination for those in search of an unforgettable beachside getaway. As you step into this coastal oasis, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where relaxation meets adventure.

If Golden Beach Caloundra is a place you are interested in visiting, please keep on reading until the end. I will tell you everything you need to know about visiting one of the best beaches in Caloundra.

For those looking for a Caloundra holiday that offers both tranquillity and excitement, it would be worth making some notes.


This idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of serene waterfront views and easy accessibility


Where Is Golden Beach Caloundra?

Golden Beach Caloundra is a coastal haven situated on the southern end of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, not far from Pelican Waters.

As it is close to several other beaches in the region, including Bulcock Beach, Dicky Beach, Shelleys Beach, Moffat Beach and Kings Beach, and only about an hour and 20-minute drive north from Brisbane, it is a popular destination for a day trip or a Queensland family holiday.

Bordered by the pristine waters of the Pumicestone Passage on one side and the calm expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the other, this idyllic destination offers a perfect blend of serene waterfront views and easy accessibility.

Its proximity to the Bruce Highway and the Sunshine Coast Airport in Marcoola means it can be reached pretty easily from many parts of the country.


Golden Beach Caloundra distance to other destinations

  • Mooloolaba (17km)
  • Noosa Beach (55km)
  • Brisbane (102km)
  • Surfer's Paradise (170km)
  • Sydney (1001km)
  • Melbourne (1868km)
  • Mackay (896km)
  • Townsville (1277km)
  • Cairns (1624km)
  • Darwin (3473km)
  • Perth (4372km)

    Best Time To Visit Golden Beach Caloundra

    For those looking for a coastal getaway Golden Beach Caloundra is a destination you can visit all year round. The Sunshine Coast enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year, so no matter what time of year you decide to come you have an 82% chance of it being sunny!

    In terms of specific seasons, the summer months (December to February) are the most popular time to visit the Sunshine Coast as temperatures regularly top 33°C (91.4°F). At this time the beach is usually more crowded, hotels are fuller and parking spots are more difficult to find. Still, you are guaranteed to have a lovely day on and around the water once you get yourself settled.

    You won’t have any of these issues in the winter months of June to August, however you can expect temperatures to hover a degree or two either side of 20°C (68°F). The water might be a bit chilly at this time but you should be able to find cheaper accommodation and less wait times at restaurants and other attractions.

    Arguably the best time of year to visit Golden Beach Caloundra is during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn. This takes place between March and May and September and November respectively. You should find the weather perfectly agreeable at this time and accommodation rates are reasonable. Flight prices tend to be pretty good too, so it is a good time to visit this or other Queensland beaches in the Sunshine Coast area.


    Fishing Boat at Golden Beach in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland


    What Facilities Do They Have at Golden Beach Caloundra?

    Golden Beach in Caloundra is well-equipped with a variety of facilities that provide visitors to this Sunshine Coast beach with everything they need to enjoy a comfortable and fun time there.

    Along Golden Beach Esplanade, you will find a range of accommodation options (more about that later), from cosy resorts to holiday apartments, offering stunning views of the coastline. Additionally, there are plenty of places to eat (again, I will elaborate), along with shops and medical-related services.

    At the time of writing, Golden Beach Caloundra is patrolled by lifeguards. However, there have been suggestions that this may no longer be the case in the coming months. So, before deciding to go there, you might want to check with Surf Life Saving Queensland.

    You will find plenty of toilets in the surrounding Golden Beach park for when nature calls. Additionally, there are also barbecue areas and open-air showers there.


    Golden Beach stretches along the eastern side of the Pumicestone Passage, offering visitors a vast expanse of soft, golden sands


    Things to do at Golden Beach Caloundra

    Boredom is not an option when you visit the sun-drenched shores of Golden Beach Caloundra, as you will find plenty of Caloundra attractions and things to keep you occupied.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone looking for relaxed moments by the sea; Golden Beach has something special for everyone. Here are some of the things you can do whilst you are there.


    The Beach

    The main attraction, of course, is the beach itself. Golden Beach stretches along the eastern side of the Pumicestone Passage, offering visitors a vast expanse of soft, golden sands.

    The family-friendly atmosphere and outdoor activities Golden Beach has to offer makes it an ideal destination for both locals and tourists to soak up the sun, read a book, play ball games or take a refreshing dip in the ocean for a perfect day of relaxation. It is also one of the better surfing spots Caloundra has to offer.


    Pumicestone Passage and Bribie Island

    The Pumicestone Passage, separating Bribie Island from the mainland, is a tidal waterway teeming with marine life. Mangroves line the shores of the island, providing a crucial habitat for various bird species and marine organisms.

    The calm waters of the passage are perfect for water activities like kayaking and paddleboarding, which can take you to the northernmost point of Bribie Island. Numerous rental shops along the beachfront offer equipment, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced adventurers.

    It’s worth checking it out because the island’s beaches provide a different coastal experience.


    Boat Cruises

    If you don’t fancy kayaking or paddleboarding, you can choose to experience the beauty of the Pumicestone Passage on a boat cruise. Several operators offer scenic tours, wildlife cruises, and sunset sails, providing a unique perspective of the coastal landscape.



    Anglers will find Golden Beach to be a fisherman’s paradise. The passage is home to a variety of fish species, including bream, flathead, and whiting. Whether you prefer casting a line from the shore or joining a fishing charter, the opportunities for a great catch are abundant.


    Cycling and Walking Trails

    For those who prefer to stay on land, Golden Beach features scenic cycling and walking trails. The Caloundra Coastal Walk, in particular, offers breathtaking views of the coastline and stretches all the way from Golden Beach to Mooloolaba. It’s a great way to explore the beauty of the region while staying active.


    Playground Facilities

    When you fancy some time away from the beach, the oceanfront parks are equipped with modern playground facilities, ensuring that the little ones are entertained while parents relax. Shaded areas with picnic tables make it easy for families to spend an entire day enjoying the sun and surf.


    Caloundra CBD

    Golden Beach seamlessly connects to Caloundra’s central business district, where visitors can explore a range of shops, cafes, and restaurants. The vibrant local culture is reflected in the various art galleries and cultural events that take place in the town.


    Events and Festivals

    Throughout the year, the region hosts various family-oriented Caloundra events and festivals.

    There’s always something happening to bring the community together, including the popular Caloundra markets and these events contribute to the vibrant atmosphere that defines Golden Beach.


    Recommended Golden Beach Caloundra Accommodations

  • Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach
  • Belvedere Apartments
  • Gemini Resort
  • Golden Beach Motor Inn
  • Moorings Beach Resort
  • Riviere on Golden Beach

    Golden Beach Caloundra Accommodations

    Golden Beach Caloundra offers a wide range of accommodation options for visitors. So, whether you are planning to spend a two week family holiday here or just spend a night away with your mates you should find an option available to you.

    I’ve outlined some noteworthy Caloundra accommodation providers to consider below. You can click here to make a reservation at any of them.


    Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach

    Situated along the stunning Pumicestone Passage, the Ramada Resort by Wyndham Golden Beach offers spacious apartments with private balconies boasting breathtaking views.

    Guests can enjoy access to an outdoor pool, spa, and fitness centre. In addition, the resort also features an on-site restaurant and bar which provides a convenient dining option.


    Belvedere Apartments

    You’ll get an amazing view of Golden Beach Caloundra at the Belvedere Apartment, which you can enjoy on the massive balconies that come with each unit.

    In addition, they also come with a fully equipped kitchen and free Wifi, while guests can make use of their swimming pool, BBQ facilities and free secure parking on site.


    Gemini Resort

    Overlooking the Pumicestone Passage, Gemini Resort offers spacious apartments with balconies and stunning ocean views. If you love tennis or swimming you will enjoy the court and pool they have available. Additionally, you can also make use of its hot tub, while the property is just 100 metres from a parade of shops.


    Golden Beach Motor Inn

    Nestled just 700 metres from the sand, Golden Beach Motor Inn offers free private parking (very handy in Golden Beach Caloundra) as well as a lovely terrace and garden. It also has an outdoor swimming pool while is perfect for cooling off on a hot day.


    Moorings Beach Resort

    Just 400 metres from the oceanfront, the Moorings Beach Resort offers comfortable accommodation with free private parking. It also has a garden and a nice swimming pool among many other features.


    Riviere on Golden Beach

    If you fancy spending much of your day on a large private balcony looking out to the shimmering waters of Caloundra and Bribie Island then you should check out Riviere on Golden Beach.

    Each apartment is roomy, well appointed and has a good selection of facilities and amenities.


    View of Golden Beach Caloundra Sunshine Coast QLD


    Where To Eat in Golden Beach Caloundra

    The culinary scene in Golden Beach Caloundra reflects the coastal lifestyle, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and local produce. Beachfront cafes offer stunning views along with a diverse menu, catering to a range of tastes. Additionally, for those seeking a more intimate dining experience, there are fine dining options showcasing the region’s culinary prowess.

    Here are some recommended places to eat whilst you are there.


    The Deck on Golden Beach

    This beachfront dining restaurant provides a scenic dining experience overlooking the Pumicestone Passage. The menu features a variety of dishes showcasing fresh local produce, and there’s a selection of wines to complement your meal.


    Miss Hoi An

    This Asian/Vietnamese restaurant is a popular choice among day trippers and holidaymakers wanting noodle dishes or curries. It has plenty of vegan and vegetarian friendly meals on its menu as well as gluten free options.


    Golden Beach Tavern

    If you’re looking for a casual pub experience, Golden Beach Tavern is a welcoming venue. With a diverse menu including classic pub fare and a selection of beverages, it’s a laid-back option for a satisfying meal.


    Chill Cafe 89

    This fabulous venue offers a terrific selection of classic breakfast options and international dishes in a buzzy, licensed setting. Its open space features verandah tables and emits a relaxed and casual vibe that you will love.


    If you are looking to unwind on the beach, explore the diverse marine life, or immerse yourself in the local community, Golden Beach has something for everyone


    Final Thought

    Overall, Golden Beach Caloundra offers natural beauty, recreational activities, family-friendly atmosphere, and a vibrant local culture.

    If you are looking to unwind on the beach, explore the diverse marine life, or immerse yourself in the local community during a Caloundra holiday, Golden Beach has something for everyone.

    So why not plan your visit with Caloundra tourism to this coastal paradise and discover why it has become a cherished destination for both locals and travellers seeking the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.


    Beautiful day at Golden Beach Caloundra Queensland Australia



    Is it safe to swim at Golden Beach Caloundra?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe to swim at Golden Beach Caloundra. As well as being the southernmost of all beaches in Caloundra its position, east-facing the Pumicestone passage means it is very stoic. Although it might not be patrolled for very much longer, you should find it safe for swimming and various other water activities.


    Is Golden Beach the Best Beach in Caloundra?

    Golden Beach is one of several beaches you can visit in Caloundra. Whether or not it is the best depends on what you are looking for. However, it is a terrific place for fishing, swimming and generally relaxing on the Sunshine Coast.


    Why is Golden Beach in Caloundra called Golden Beach?

    Back in the day, the area around Golden Beach Caloundra used to be home to a wide range of wildlife and native trees, one of which the golden wattles, were so prevalent around the coastline, the beach was named after it.


    How Far is Bulcock Beach from Golden Beach Caloundra?

    Bulcock Beach Caloundra is about 3.5km from Golden Beach. Both are family-friendly beaches that offer plenty of waterfront activities and opportunities for coastal walks.


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