Beach Nudity: All you need to know about getting naked at the beach

Beach Nudity


Do you engage in beach nudity?


We are all born naked. And whilst what they wear on the beach is a source of much pride and satisfaction for some. For others wearing nothing on the beach at all is just as big an attraction!

Around the world beach nudity is a popular phenomenon. Whether it be going topless or completely naked many people like to frequent the beach in varying states of undress.

If you are one of these people, then nude or clothing optional beaches are definitely the place to do it.

Essentially a designated beach, or stretch of, on public lands, where nudity is allowed, they offer people a space to bare all with no judgement.

Its not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who like to don their birthday suit at the beach there really is no feeling quite like it.


Why go nude?

People choose to strip off at the beach for a variety of reasons.

This can include everything from a personal boost of self-esteem to an act of exhibitionism or statement of body confidence.

For some people the feeling of freedom and liberation they experience when naked on the beach is something they can’t replicate anywhere else.

For others, the openness and friendliness that comes from having nothing to hide is very gratifying.

Some merely enjoy pushing their levels of daring or comfort zone.

While others simply feel its a way to live their best beach lifestyle.


Nude man on the beach sunbathing.


Is nudity on beaches against the law?

The legality of beach nudity is very much contingent on the country or state in which the beaches are located.

In many countries, especially those who don’t have western values, any form of public nudity is a complete no-no.

However, there are many countries around the world, including in Scandinavia, the UK, USA and Australia, where beach nudity, whether it be topless or full nudity, a more accepted practice.

As a general rule, nude beaches may either be official, in other words legally sanctioned, or unofficial. The latter of which simply means that beach nudism is tolerated by residents and the authorities.

If a beach is not recognised as either, then its safe to assume publicly nudity is illegal there.

Most nude beaches tend to be remote and/or isolated physically from other non-nude bathing areas. So bear in mind that most city beaches, especially the crowded ones that are popular with families, will not be appropriate for full nudity.

By and large it is safe to assume, the quieter and more secluded the beach, the more likely it is to be a designated an official or unofficial nudist beach.


Types of nude beaches

It may surprise you to know there are several categories of nude beaches.

These include:

Beaches where nudity is required. Such as at official naturist resorts.

Beaches where nudity is very welcome, but not compulsory. Most often this is the case when the beach forms part of a private resort. On such beaches some people go nude and others don’t.

Clothing optional beaches where nudity is allowed, but not obligatory. There are many beaches in Scandinavia that are clothing optional. As well as in other parts of the world including the USA and Australia.

Beaches where nudity has not been legalised but is tolerated by the police. These tend to be located in quieter, more remote parts of a beach that is generally not visited by many people, especially families. The authorities tend to turn a blind eye to the sunbathers who do go nude here.

At any other beach, particularly frequented by lots of people and families, nudity on the beach is illegal and not tolerated.

If you are caught naked at one of these you will be directed to put on some clothing, and risk a fine, or arrest regardless.


History of Nudist Beaches

Beach Nudity has a history that goes back to at least the 1840s. As nude swimming was common on the beaches of the UK around that period.

Throughout the years since then, the acceptance of public nudity slowly gained momentum around the world.

In 1900 noted sociologist Heinrich Pudor published ‘The Cult of the Nude’. A publication which was widely seen as the start of the nudist movement in Germany.

Over in the USA, the first nudist camp in the United States was opened at Sky Farm in New Jersey in 1932.

During a cruise around the Adriatic in 1936, King Edward VIII and his mistress Wallis Simpson stopped at a beach on the island of Rab. Here they were granted a special permission from the local government to swim there naked. Thereby decreeing it to be the world’s first official nudist beach.

By the 1950s nude beaches had become popular along the French Riviera.

This proved to be the catalyst for other countries in Europe, and the wider world, to designate areas for beach nudity.


Beach Nudity is a popular phenomenon around the world.


Nude Beaches in Australia

Amongst its 10,000 plus beaches, Australia has legalised public nudity on a small selection of them.

The Lonely Planet recently listed the 6 most popular ones to be as follows.

Alexandria Bay (Noosa), Cow Bay (North Cairns), Lady Bay Beach (Sydney), Maslin Beach (Adelaide), North Swanbourne Beach (Perth) and Sunnyside North Beach (Melbourne).

The latter of which was the first beach in Australia to legally allow nudist beach goers way back in 1976.


Nudist Beaches around the world

Around the world there are quite a few nudist beaches you might like to visit.

Recently, CNN Travel has outlined some of the most popular of them to be as follows:

Anse de Grande Saline, (St. Barts, Caribbean)

Black’s Beach, (California, USA)

Buhne 16, (Sylt, Germany)

Cap d’Agde beach, (France)

Haulover Beach Park, (Florida, USA)

Little Beach, (Hawaii, USA)

Mpenjati Beach, (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)

Neve Midbar, (North Dead Sea, Israel)

Platja des Cavallet, (Ibiza, Spain)

Playa Zipolite, (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Praia Massarandupió, (Bahia, Brazil)

Red Beach, (Crete, Greece)

Spiaggia di Guvano, (Vernazza, Italy)

Wreck Beach, (Vancouver, Canada)



Code of Conduct

If you have plucked up the courage to engage in a spot of nude sunbathing on the beach, there are some fundamental rules of behaviour you really should follow.

1. Find the right beach

First things first. Find the right beach.

Very few beaches actually permit nudity. So before attempting to strip off be sure to research where your nearest clothing optional beach is.

Also find out what level of nudity is permitted at these beaches. Is full nudity allowed or just toplessness?

You may want to ascertain what level of nudity is actually legal at the beach too, as opposed to just being tolerated.


2. Strip off at an appropriate place

As excited as you might be to go au natural, don’t do it as soon as you pull up to the car park. Instead wait till you get on the relevant section of the beach before taking your clothes off.

This is particularly important if you have to walk through non-clothing optional sections of the beach.


3. Find your own bit of space

Unless the beach is overcrowded with nudists, to the point where there is a premium on space, try to keep a polite distance from others.

Personal space is very important to many people who bare all on the beach, keeping a bit of separation between you and the next person will reassure them you won’t encroach on their comfort zone.


4. Don’t approach or gawk at others

This is the golden rule of beach nudism.

People go to nude beaches to enjoy the feeling of freedom and liberation it provides them. They go to relax and to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

The last thing they want is to be made to feel awkward or uncomfortable through your ogling at them, or repeated attempts at conversation.

The odd glance or hello is fine, but don’t do anything that could border on creepiness or harassment.


5. Be mindful what you photograph

Clearly, when you are on a nudist beach there will be naked people around.

Whereas they might not mind being seen in public naked, they may not want to be capture for time immortal on camera.

Whilst its only natural to want to take photos or videos of the beach try and avoid taking that feature other people, unless you have their permission.

If you must take a selfie, or a photo of the beach be quick and respectful of the presence of others.


6. Apply sunscreen ALL over your body.

An easy one to forget, but the more naked you are the more vulnerable you are to sunburn.

If you do engage in beach nudity be sure to lie on a towel and also apply lots of sunscreen all over your body.

Also don’t sunbathe for too long a period at a time. The longer you sunbathe naked the more risk you have of getting sunburnt. Particularly on parts of your body that don’t often see the sunlight.

So apply plenty of common sense with that sunscreen too.


7. Don’t try any funny business!

Engaging in the physical act of love, or lust, on a nudist beach is a complete no-no.

Whether its with your partner, or someone you just met, don’t do it.

Most naturists downplay any connection between public nudity and sex.

Infact the International Naturist Federation has developed a code of conduct for use by member organizations. This demands the avoidance of all forms of sexual harassment and sexual activity.

Aside from the risk of offending other patrons on the beach, if caught engaging in such behaviour you also run the very real risk of police arrest and a criminal record.


8. Have your clothes close to hand

Some beaches might be considered clothing optional by popular wisdom, but under the letter of the law they might not be.

Whilst the risk of a police raid is probably very low, it’s a good idea to have your clothes in close enough distance to quickly slip them on if you need to.


Fancy a Spot of Beach Nudity?

If you are interested in partaking in a spot of beach nudity, why not shelve your inhibitions and give it a go?

Just be sure to be to research where is an appropriate spot for you to nude sunbathe at.

And be respectful of others when you are there.

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