10 Great Beaches in Australia to watch a Brilliant Sunrise or Sunset

10 Great Beaches in Australia to watch a Brilliant Sunrise or Sunset


The Sunrise at Surfer's Paradise Beach is quite magnificent!


Australia is home to over 10,000 beaches. This provides over 10,000 opportunities to see the sunrise or sunset at a wonderful beach location.

One of life’s great pleasures, sunrise and sunsets are a natural phenomenon everyone should see as often as they can.

But where in Australia are the best beaches to do this at?

Outlined below is our selection of 10 great beaches in Australia to watch a brilliant sunrise or sunset.

How many of these beaches have you witnessed one at?


10 Great Aussie Beaches to watch the Sunrise or Sunset


Wineglass Bay

A very special place, Wineglass Bay in Tasmania is widely regarded as one of Australia’s best beaches.

Taking the form of a clam shape around Tasmania’s east coast shoreline, this coastal mosaic of soaring green mountains, brilliant white sand and stunning deep blue waters is so beautiful you will scarely believe its real.

At sunrise the sight of the sun dipping below the horizon as the sky changes colour from pale blues to pomegranate pink is simply magnificent.



Stretching for some 15.3km the Busselton foreshore is one of Western Australia’s stand out beaches.

It is well known for the Busselton Wharf, the longest wooden structure in the southern hemisphere, which extends nearly 2km out from the shore.

Visitors can walk to the end of the wharf, or catch the jetty train, where they will be rewarded with scintillating and unobstructed views of the sun setting into the Indian Ocean.



A seaside suburb in South Australia, Glenelg is blessed with some wonderful sunsets.

Aside from the beach, one of the best places to see them is from the Glenelg Pier. Stretching into the ocean it offers wonderful views up and down the coastline.

If you are hungry or thirsty, there are plenty of excellent bars, restaurants and cafes to have a drink or meal as you watch the sun go down.

Located about a 20-minute drive from the centre of the Adelaide CBD, it provides a wonderful way to unwind after a hard day in the office.


Bondi Beach has some amazing sunsets

Sunset over Bondi Beach in Sydney, New South Wales.


Bondi Beach

Arguably the most famous of all Aussie beaches, Bondi is on every tourist’s bucket list for a variety of reasons.

One of them should be for the beauty of the sunsets you see there.

There are plenty of spots on the beach and the surrounding foreshore to witness the setting sun in all its glory. But the chances are you won’t be alone.

What you will see though is a wonderful array of colours that will blow your mind.


Cape Hillsborough

If the sunrise is not reason enough to get up early, then how about the opportunity to see the sunrise on the beach with some wallabies?

Every morning around dawn, wallabies hop on to the shore at Cape Hillsborough National Park in Far North Queensland.

Framed by a beautiful national park of rainforest, the sight of the wallabies hopping around against the backdrop of the turquoise ocean at first light is one that will stay with you forever.


Mindil Beach

Its not a swimming beach per say, but Mindil Beach in Darwin is an excellent beach to sunbathe on whilst taking in the legendary evening colours of sunset.

Located in the suburb of The Gardens, near the CBD, the Mindil Sunset Beach Markets are held every Thursday and Sunday evening throughout the dry season months of April to October.

Away from the sand, these markets provide live entertainment, over 60 food stalls and an array of wonderful stalls selling Aboriginal artwork, handmade jewellery and unique Northern Territories souvenirs.

The colours, sounds and smells of the market also provide an excellent soundtrack to the sight of the setting sun.


Gorgeous sunset over Mindil Beach in Darwin, Northern Territories

Sunset over Mindil Beach in Darwin, Northern Territories.



The largest of the 74 Whitsundays Islands, Whitehaven Beach was recently voted as the world’s best beach by Tripadvisor.

So it could be argued that it is also the best beach in the world to see the sunrise too!

Make the effort to get up early and head over to any isolated spot along the 7km stretch of brilliant white sand.

The morning colours of the sky contrasted against the swirling blue-green waters and the lush green forest is something you will thank yourself over and over for doing.


Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is one of the most beautiful of all Australia’s islands.

Located 600km east of Port Macquarie, off the coast of New South Wales, the whole island is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is known for being one of the best places in Australia to watch the sunset. If you can get there.

The island famously has a policy where only 400 visitors are allowed to stay at any one time.

Any of the beaches offer stunning views of sun rising out of the pacific. But Ned’s Beach is one of the best.

If you are feeling energetic, sensational 360-degree views are available at the end of a walk up the 875 metre high Mount Gower that stands imperiously over the island.


Gibson Beach

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria has been rated by many as one of the best coastal drives in the world.

Spanning for 243 km this stretch of road is the location of the 12 Apostles. The massive limestone structures, formed over 20 million years ago, that stands about 45 meters above the ocean.

Gibson Beach, which is accessed down the Gibson Steps, is the closest beach to these 12 Apostles. Allowing you to see them up close.

At sunset the rock formations and craggy coastal scenery is even more beautiful. The reddish hues of the sun bouncing off their faces and the torrent of waves below makes this a magnificent sight to see.


Cable Beach

At 22 km long Cable Beach’s pristine untouched stretch of creamy white sand provides plenty of opportunities to see one of Australia’s most beautiful sunsets.

Located in Broome, in Western Australia, one of the best ways to see one is via a camel ride along the shore.

The brilliant bold golds and fiery reds that canvas the sky are breathtaking. Against the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean they will undoubtedly leave you awe-inspired.


Reasons to see the sunrise or sunset at the beach


Now that you know of some of the best beaches in Australia to see the sunrise or sunset, here are some very good reasons why you should go and see one.


1. Mood Lifter

Watching the sunrise or sunset at the beach is an instant mood lifter.

Various studies have proved that watching these events relieves stress and has many other mental and physical wellness benefits.

One of the best of these we find is clarity of mind. It doesn’t matter what challenge you are facing, if you take the time to watch the sunrise or sunset you give yourself some time to think, to process and to plan.

After a bit of time taking in dawn or dusk at the beach suddenly things don’t seem quite as bad.


2. Magnificence of Nature

You will get to see the magnificence of nature in all its glory.

The colours and the light, particularly against the backdrop of the ocean and sky can be awe-inspiring.

This show happens every day. So why not take advantage of it every chance you get?


3. Always Different

No two sunrise or sunset views are ever the same.

Not only do the colours change a little bit different every day, so does the motion of the ocean.

Some days there are clouds, birds or sailboats to influence the view too.

The point is you never know quite what you will get to see. Which in itself is reason to go and see it.


4. Photo Opportunities

If you like to take photos then a sunrise or sunset at the beach provides you with unlimited opportunities.

You will find yourself snap happy at the wondrous sights nature has to offer at those times of day.

If you are in to your socials too you will have plenty of chances to take that perfect photo for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


5. It Costs Nothing

The best part of seeing the sunrise or sunset at the beach is that it is completely free.

Where else can you get to experience something as wonderful as that without having to spend a single cent on doing?

So why not find a good spot, grab a coffee, lay down a towel and let yourself be wowed.


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